Business, Technical, and Engineering

13373-261.jpgThe business, technical and engineering academic unit offers a variety of associate and bachelor’s degrees. The number of programs in this unit has grown significantly, due to the demand by local industries and organizations.   

New degrees in agriculture, business, food science and engineering have recently been added. Students are able to obtain these high-demand degrees at an affordable cost and have great job prospects in the local area after graduation.

The Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (BTAS) is a degree-completion program introduced in 2013, and a great option for students who want to continue their education after graduating with an associate degree. Options in the BTAS program include agriculture, commerce, and food science as well as graphic design and visual media.

*Wright State is implementing a new catalog for the 2015-16 academic year. While the online catalog is updated regularly, for the most up-to-date program requirements, please see your academic advisor or the faculty program director or coordinator.


Nourishment for your Agriculture Career!

Wright State University- Lake Campus Agriculture program offers the opportunity for students to gain an agriculture degree through hands-on, web based, one on one instruction that provides students with the foundation and experiences needed to be successful in their agriculture career.

The program was developed in 2009 to meet the demands of the agriculture industry in Western Ohio and is continually working to meet the educational needs of students going into agricultural careers.  Students become well rounded individuals in areas of agronomy, business, communication, and livestock production.  The program allows flexibility with highly qualified instructors that still work directly with agriculture.

Here are a few reasons to look at the Agriculture program at Wright State University Lake Campus:

  • Affordable
  • Technical and applied learning
  • Close to home or affordable campus housing
  • Close to agriculture businesses and industry
  • Small, interactive classes
  • Prepares students for a career in all aspects of agriculture


“I have gained so much knowledge in the past few years from the Ag program, at Wright State Lake, that I will carry with me wherever I go. There have been so many things from class trips abroad to Ag industry tours and guest speakers that have really increased my knowledge on the agriculture sector from a global perspective. The Ag Department at Wright State Lake focuses on getting students ready for the “real world.”

Lisa Gehret, Kenn-Feld Group
Wright State University - Lake Campus
Agriculture Program Graduate

“The Ag program at the Lake Campus allowed me to go to school locally and still be able to work while pursuing my degree.  The tours and activities allowed me to meet professionals in the industry that helped me to get started working in the field.”

Jason Reichert, TruPointe Coop & Reichert Dairy Farm
Wright State University - Lake Campus
Agriculture Program Graduate

Study Tours

Study tours are a unique and fun way to explore agriculture outside of Ohio.  This allows students to experience different agriculture abroad during a week long study abroad trip.  The tour will fulfill a 3 credit hour class while gaining interactive and hands-on agriculture experiences either in the United States or other countries.

Agriculture is a diverse career and it is important to develop an appreciation and understanding for all aspects of the industry.  Many areas of the world and in the United States still rely on manual labor to harvest their crop or even as a method of survival.  The Agriculture Study Abroad tours help to develop a greater appreciation for the mechanization and technology that many farmers in Ohio and Indiana have at their disposal.

The Study Tours have taken students to the following places:

  • Jamaica
  • Costa Rica
  • Puerto Rico
  • California
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana

What others have said about the Agriculture Study Tours:

Lisa Gehret (Maria Stein) stated, “It opened up the way I look at agriculture both there (Costa Rica) and here in the US.  It was fascinating to see that their agriculture system is very labor intensive and many farmers rely on no tractors and implements, but their own strength and hoe or shovel to maintain their crops.”

Mitch Sudhoff (Coldwater), “Our trip to Texas was very exciting in that we explored a different production practice.  We were able to see a different production practice. We were able to see a different culture and climate and were able to meet some very interesting and generous people along the way.”

Kassie Pease (Celina), “Having the opportunity to travel to other areas enabled me to gain experience in a practical sense.  I can apply what I learned to my education as well as my future employment.  A hands-on experience is always a better way to learn.”

Contact Information

Greg McGlinch, Agriculture Program Coordinator
(419) 586-0810

Business and Administration

Whether a student is just beginning their journey to a business degree or a working professional is looking to advance, the Lake Campus offers plenty of options! 

Associate of Science in Business

An Associate of Science in Business is also available.  The student who earns this degree may have an interest in many different jobs or in continuing on to a bachelor’s degree.  Jobs in the banking industry, computers, retail and manufacturing environments, finance, insurance, and real estate are among many possibilities.

Bachelor of Science in Business

In conjunction with Wright State’s Raj Soin College of Business, students will be able to complete the four-year, Bachelor of Science in Business degree beginning in the spring of 2015. This AACSB International curriculum delivers a sound foundation for success in business. 

Contact Information
Stefanie Kohne
Academic Advisor


An MBA from the Wright State University Raj Soin College of Business, is an investment in your future that adds value to your career. Today's business environment is exploding with change, from the expansion of global markets to new opportunities in emerging technology, to managing innovation and leading teams. The Lake Campus MBA in the 21st Century helps you to excel in this changing environment, with cutting-edge courses that prepare you to anticipate and manage for the future.

Ideal for working professionals, the MBA program allows you to complete your MBA with convenient weekend classes at the Lake Campus in Celina, Ohio.

The college also provides selected full-time students with graduate assistantships.

You can select from the following concentrations:

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Health Care
  • Interdisciplinary Business
  • International Business
  • Management, Innovation and Change  (Lake Campus)             
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

Spring Semester 2015 Class Meetings: January: 16 & 30, February: 13 & 27, March: 13 & 27, April: 10; Online classes occuring as well

Class Schedule (PDF)

Admission Requirements

  • A completed bachelor's degree
  • A GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) score
    Make arrangements for GMAT testing at Submit results to the Lake Campus Graduate Assistant.
  • An 1100 point minimum admission index (College GPA x 200 + GMAT Score)

Admission Process

  • Apply online to the Graduate School (checks can be made out to Wright State University) and send a hard copy of the application to the Lake Campus Graduate Assistant (a $40 application fee is required)
  • Submit all undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts from all universities you have attended.  Mail directly to:
    Wright State University Lake Campus
    ATTN: Julie Miller
    7600 Lake Campus Dr.
    Celina, OH 45822

An evaluation of your transcripts will be done by the Lake Campus Graduate Assistant.  This will determine if you are required to take the 4 pre-requisite courses that are built into the program.  You will be informed of the results of this evaluation by the Graduate Assistant.


Can you provide me information about the foundation courses?

MBA Foundation courses are now available online. Completion of the GMAT is encouraged but not required before registering for these classes. Once the university accepts your application you may register for the following classes. Please speak with your advisor prior to registration.

Summer 'A' (May 6 - June 9)

  • MBA 5300 (CRN# 41576) - Survey of Finance
  • MBA 5800 (CRN# 41578) - Applied Statistics in Business
  • MBA 5400 (CRN# 41577) - Survey of Business Law

Summer 'B' (June 17 - July 21)

  • MBA 5100 (CRN# 41574) - Survey of Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 5200 (CRN# 41575) - Survey of Economics for MBAs
What is the current cost for classes?

For the most current fee information, contact the Lake Campus registrar at 1-800-237-1477 or (419) 586-0324.

What are the benefits of a cohort model?

Cohorts allow for close interaction between students and faculty and:

  • Provide networking opportunities between students and business professionals
  • Allow for insight from other student's work and life experiences
  • Provide a link between business and technology
  • Develop business relationships with fellow classmates
Am I required to take all of the prerequisite classes if I have a business background?

Prerequisites may be waived if your previous coursework meets the requirements determined by Graduate Admissions.

Will I have to travel to the Dayton campus to take any of the required classes?

All degree requirements for the Management, Innovation and Change are offered at the Lake Campus.  If you choose a different concentration it will be required for you to take classes at the Dayton Campus.

Can I still work and attend classes?

Classes meet every other weekend on Friday evenings (4-9:30 p.m.) and Saturday mornings (8 a.m.-1:30 p.m.) allowing for flexibility with most working schedules.

What if my bachelor’s degree is not in Business & Administration?

Prerequisites are built into the program, preparing non-business majors for more advanced graduate coursework.

Why should I seek an MBA?

Our MBA program teaches the skills that may provide you the competitive edge when businesses are considering the following:

  • Employment
  • Salary increase
  • Promotions
Is the MBA Program accredited?

Yes, Wright State University was one of the first AACSB International accredited MBA programs in the Dayton area. This Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business is premier accrediting agency for bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in business administration and accounting.

What are the admissions requirements?

Please see the Admission section above.

Contact Information

Julie Miller, MBA Program Coordinator 
(419) 586-0375


This program provides coursework for future leaders in corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Gain a foundation of theory and best practices while working with real businesses and cultivating your strategic thinking.

Learn to create business plans, marketing strategies, and develop other tools to help advance business and keep it in the competitive mix.

Contact Information
Cindy Bereslman

Food Science

Program Overview

Food science is an applied science involving the application of scientific principles to create healthy, nutritious, safe and convenient foods for consumers. Ohio is an industry leader in fruit and vegetable processing, animal foods, dairy production and bakeries. Our program prepares students for technical and leadership positions to meet the growing job opportunities in these and other subsectors in the food manufacturing industry. Unique class offerings integrates principles of agriculture, food science and management enabling students to understand both the science and the business of food.  

Contact Information
Dr. Courtney Simons
Assistant Professor and Program Director

Graphic Design & Visual Media

The Associate of Applied Business in Graphic Design and Visual Media program prepares students for employment after two years of study. Students will gain necessary skills in branding, information design, promotional and advertising design, publication design and type and letter design as well as web design. Students will use various software packages and design techniques to develop products for business, communications, marketing and other related areas.

Students will develop a strong foundation in the field of graphic and visual communication building a base of knowledge of color, type, illustration, page layout, image and video manipulation. Classes have hands-on experience with software including industry standards such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Premiere Pro. Students completing the program will develop a portfolio of work to showcase design skills and software aptitude when applying for a position in the design field.

Contact Information
Cindy Berelsman


Teresa Richter


Law Enforcement

The Associate of Technical Study: Law Enforcement Option prepares students for employment in law enforcement, private security, corrections, juvenile facilities, and public safety settings.  Police officers and security professionals provide protection of the general public. As a police officer gains experiences and education, there are opportunities for advancement including employment at the federal level such as the secret service, the border patrol, and federal departments such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Police officers can achieve advancement in their job as detectives, crime scene analysts, and departmental managers as they continue their education.

Law enforcement officers are expected to assist the investigation of crimes and traffic accidents and assist the public.

Contact Information
Dennis Bulen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Law Enforcement Academy

The academy is in compliance with the standards set by the State of Ohio and by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. Upon completion, cadets are qualified to take the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission Test. Successful completion allows the student to become a law enforcement officer in any jurisdiction in Ohio, and also earn credit in the associate of technical study degree.

Contact Information
Mark Ernst
Grand Lake Law Enforcement Academy Commander

Management or Marketing

Two business-related options within the Associate of Technical Study include Management or Marketing. Each concentration is intended to prepare students for a variety of employment settings that are involved with supervision and administration in a service or business setting. The degree is intended for students to seek employment following completion of the program.

Contact Information
Mark Hibner
Academic Advisor

Mechanical Engineering

In the past three years, the Mechanical Engineering Program at Wright State University Lake Campus has been expanding rapidly.  Recently, we had our first graduating class of mechanical engineers from our program.  The number of students, mostly coming from regions surrounding the campus, has been doubling each of the past three years, reflecting the high demand of engineering major.

Following the mission of Wright State University Lake Campus to transform the lives of our students and the communities we serve, our program aims to:

  • build a solid foundation for student success at all levels through high-quality, innovative programs;
  • conduct scholarly research and creative endeavors that impact quality of life;
  • engage in meaningful community service;
  • drive the economic revitalization of our region and our state and empower all of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni to develop professionally, intellectually, and personally.

The program envisions affordable and high quality education for all traditional and non-traditional students, particularly in the western Ohio and eastern Indiana area, interested in the engineering and computer science disciplines. To achieve its academic goals and objectives, the program will focus on the following strategies:

  • maintaining low student-to-teacher ratio,
  • continue to provide modern educational equipment, computers, and manufacturing labs and
  • serving rigorous engineering classes taught by highly qualified professors in their fields as well as experienced professionals from local and regional industries.

Additionally, the program wants to ensure the readiness of its students by exposing them to multiple hands-on engineering design projects, motivated by industrial applications or scientific research. Further, students will be provided opportunities to obtain internship and part-time work experience from local manufacturing companies, businesses, and to participate in international, global learning opportunities by means of study abroad programs.  In the past three years, some of our engineering students have studied in Germany and Taiwan.

Some key program achievements are:

  • Many students receive some form of scholarship from the Lake campus, local and regional industries, and various non-profit organizations
  • Most students can obtain internship during summer terms and work part time in local industries
  • Several courses are delivered in the late afternoon and evening to accommodate non-traditional students and students who work part time
  • Engineering students studied in Jena, Germany during the summer 2013 to learn micro-robotics
  • Engineering students studied in Taiwan during the summer 2012 and summer 2014
  • The first group of the engineering graduates accepted full time employment before their graduation date

We would like you to consider pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with us.  We welcome all prospective students and parents to visit our campus in Celina, OH.  To schedule a personalized tour of Lake Campus, please contact us by email at or toll free at (800) 237-1477. To visit the Mechanical Engineering Program, please contact Ms. Victoria Marks at 419-586-0238.

Office Information Systems – Applied Business Technologies


The Applied Business Technologies Program prepares students for entry-level jobs in business.  These individuals receive extensive coursework and hands-on training in various technologies.  They acquire business skills including the latest software applications, supervisory and managerial skills. Emphasis is placed on managing the information flow in the office, handling client/customer relations, and providing effective communication within the organization.  Soft skills used in the business environment, including solving problems and making decisions, are developed. The Business Technology student in today's corporate world is a professional who is able to make decisions and use learned technology, communication skills and entry-level business expertise to advance the public image of the business for which he or she works. 

Upon receiving the associate's in applied business technologies, many options for a bachelor's degree are available at the Lake Campus. 

Contact Information
Cindy Berelsman


SkillsTrac is a comprehensive industrial maintenance training program, specially designed for the advanced manufacturing industry.  Advanced manufacturing operations employ modern automation systems, which include programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces, variable frequency control of AC motors, motion control of servomotors, and robotics.  SkillsTrac prepares its students with the skills needed to maintain, troubleshoot and repair automation systems and components.  While the program is geared primarily toward the industrial automation market, the principles taught can apply to maintenance in nearly any industry.

Successful completion of the program can provide credits that apply to an associate of technical study.

For more information about SkillsTrac visit or call Carol Jones at 419-586-0355.

Technical Study

The Associate of Technical Study degree uses courses from existing two-year technical programs along with the CORE foundation courses to fulfill a unique educational need. Intended for individuals with specialized technical interests, the Associate of Technical Study degree allows the student to develop, with the guidance of a designated faculty advisor, an individualized technical program.  This individualized program must establish an educational goal and include a concentration of courses required to accomplish that goal.

Contact Information
Mark Hibner
Academic Advisor