Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)


This course teaches students the principles of food safety and the 12 steps required to implement the HACCP food safety management system. All course content including videos, practice questions, and discussion board are freely accessible to anyone who register for the class. Students who successfully complete the final exam will receive a HACCP Certificate from the International HACCP Alliance.

Unique Benefits of this Course

  1. Free access to training videos, discussion board, and practice quizzes to improve your food safety awareness
  2. Opportunity to share in an online discussion forum with other food safety professionals
  3. Learn practical skills to design and develop your food safety plan
  4. Earn USDA-recognized certificate as evidence of your food safety knowledge
  5. Take charge of your study time and schedule

Instructor: Dr. Courtney Simons

When: You may begin at any time

Time: This course will take approximately 16 hours to complete  

Cost: Accessing all course materials is free. Students who want to receive the International HACCP Alliance Certificate pay $99 followed by completion of the final HACCP exam

Credit: HACCP Alliance Certificate

Technology Requirement: Computer with internet access

Registration: Follow these instructions to gain access to the course and begin learning now.