Mathematics and Science

13373-106.jpgWhere else can you explore a lake in your own back yard or travel across the country digging for pre-historic creatures with your renowned professor?  The Lake Campus can give you a great start on your bachelor’s degree (up to two years!) by taking courses in the math and science unit. Students majoring in psychology, earth and environmental science, chemistry, biological sciences, or pre-med can get their degree started by taking our math and science courses!

Associate of science programs in biological sciences, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, and an associate of arts in psychology are available. Students can also choose to add a minor, such as psychology, to their major program of study. Students can pursue employment after earning an associate degree, but many choose to advance their education by completing a bachelor’s degree program either here or at our Dayton Campus.

*Wright State is implementing a new catalog for the 2015-16 academic year. While the online catalog is updated regularly, for the most up-to-date program requirements, please see your academic advisor or the faculty program director or coordinator.

Biological Sciences

An Associate of Science Degree in Biological Science prepares students as entry level technicians or for articulation or transfer to a Biological Science baccalaureate degree program. The degree offers a broad, integrated, and in-depth approach to the life sciences. The student who earns this degree may have an interest in many different jobs such as biological research, medical laboratories, or ecological research.

Contact Information
Stephen Jacquemin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


An Associate of Science Degree in Chemistry prepares students for work as entry-level technicians, or for articulation or transfer to a Chemistry baccalaureate degree program. The student who earns this degree may have an interest in many different jobs. Entry-level jobs in chemical research, medical laboratories, pharmaceuticals, the petroleum industry, plastics, and chemical manufacturing are all possibilities.

While opportunities exist for people with an associate degree, the higher the degree, the greater the variety of opportunities. Students may want to consider continuing with their education.

Contact Information

Dave Benson, Ph.D.

Mark Cubberley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Earth and Environmental Science

An Associate of Science Degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences prepares students as entry-level technicians or for articulation or continuation onto an EES baccalaureate degree program. The degree offers a broad, integrated, and in-depth approach to the sciences. The student who earns this degree may have career options in biological research, medical laboratories, earth & environmental science, or other science disciplines.

Contact Information
Chuck Ciampaglio


The Psychology Associate of Arts program is designed to provide a strong foundation for students ultimately seeking a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Psychology, or other degree programs. The Lake Campus now offers up to three years of the bachelor’s degree, plus students can add a minor in Psychology to their program of study! 

The program offers students the chance to participate in a scientific review of psychology, complimenting most other major fields of study. The A.A. degree is an excellent first step to prepare for many careers, including administration, advertising, community relations, human resources, human services, marketing research, public relations, retail sales, and education.

The A.A. degree in Psychology provides a wide range of content areas, including Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Human Development, Human Sexuality, and Social Psychology. Classes cover not only the theories within these areas, but also how these theories were developed and tested. The application of theory to real-world situations is emphasized throughout all psychology courses.

Contact Information
Dave Hochstein
Associate Professor