13373-088.jpgA variety of opportunities are available for students at the Lake Campus.  Offering a blend of associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, we can help you begin the journey to becoming a college graduate! 


Academic Units

Majors at the Lake Campus are divided into units.  You can view a complete list of majors at the Lake Campus in the table below. 

All Majors

*Wright State is implementing a new catalog for the 2015-16 academic year. While the online catalog is updated regularly, for the most up-to-date program requirements, please see your academic advisor or the faculty program director or coordinator.

Program Associate Bachelor Other
Agriculture A.T.S. B.T.A.S. Certificate
Biological Sciences A.S.    
Business A.S. B.S.B. M.B.A.
Chemistry A.S.    
Commerce   B.T.A.S.  
Communication Studies A.A.    
Crime & Justice Studies   B.A.  
Early Childhood Education   B.S.Ed.  
Earth & Environmental Sciences A.S.    
English   B.A.  
Food Science A.T.S. B.T.A.S. Certificate
Graphic Design & Visual Media A.A.B. B.T.A.S.  
History A.A.    
Integrated Science   B.S.  
Law Enforcement A.T.S.    
Law Enforcement Police Academy A.T.S.    
Liberal Studies A.A. B.A.  
Management A.T.S.    
Marketing A.T.S.    
Mechanical Engineering   B.S.E.  
Middle Childhood Education   B.S.Ed.  
Nursing   B.S.N.  
Office Information Systems: Applied Business Technologies A.A.B. B.T.A.S.  
Organizational Leadership   B.S.  
Psychology A.A. B.A.  
SkillsTrac A.T.S.    
Social Work A.A.    
Sociology A.A.    
Technical Study A.T.S.    

View Wright State Core requirements in the Catalog.