Composition and Rhetoric Credential Program

College Credit Plus

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This program in teaching English is designed to provide the graduate level credentials to allow high school teachers to teach college level composition courses in their high schools through College Credit Plus (CCP). In addition, teachers completing this program will meet the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) standards for eligibility to teach courses in Ohio public community colleges and universities. With the exception of LA 6100, these credential/certificate courses will also count toward teachers’ licensure renewal requirements and earn credit hours toward the MA in English with a concentration in Composition and Rhetoric, if desired.

Admission Requirements and Process

Secondary English teachers who wish to pursue the teaching credential/certificate must submit to the Graduate School the following:

The application form must be completed with all required documents attached. The form when completed must be signed and dated. All application materials become the property of the Graduate School and cannot be returned.

Send application materials to:

Graduate School
344 Student Union
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy
Dayton, OH 45435-0001

Program of Study

Students must complete the following program of courses (three credit hours each.)

2 Required Courses:

  • ENG 7120 Rhetoric
  • ENG 7200 Teaching College Composition                                      

1 Course in each of the following series:

  • ENG 7410s Writing Pedagogy
  • ENG 7420s Writing Practices
  • ENG 7430s Theories of Writing and Teaching Writing
  • 1 Elective in Composition and Rhetoric, or TESOL, or literature (must be ENG 7000- or 6000-level course, or LA 6100)

Total: 18 semester credit hours

Course Format

  • ENG 7200 is offered Summer 2016.
  • ENG 7610 is offered in an intensive (two weeks) format, Summer 2016.
  • At least one other course from the 7000 level series is offered in summer.

Throughout the academic year graduate courses in English are offered in the evenings or online in each semester. LA 6100 will be offered in the online/hybrid format (once developed).