Buying Books

After your student has registered for classes, the next thing to do is get the required materials. For most, this involves a trip to the campus bookstore. The bookstore has all of the necessary textbooks and supplemental materials available in one place, plus you can get Wright State apparel and accessories!

On the bookstore's website, you can order your textbooks online—new or used, or even rent your books. Buying your textbook used can offer you a great way to save. Shop early for the best selection of used and new materials. You can also order other merchandise online.

There are also many other options available to you, from off-campus bookstores to online shopping. Several places also allow you to rent your textbooks. If ordering online, be sure to allow ample time for your materials to be shipped to you.

Ultimately, it's up to you and your student where you choose to shop. Just be sure your student's textbooks are the correct editions required for classes. If you search for your student's classes' textbooks on the bookstore's website, it will display the required text along with pertinent information. Be aware that "International" editions are often slightly less expensive, but do not always have the same page numbers of the U.S. editions used in the classroom.