Student Success Center


What is the SSC?

At the Student Success Center, we’re here to help you reach your fullest potential as a student. Whether you’re looking for a study buddy, need to learn how to navigate WINGS and Pilot, want feedback on a writing assignment, or just want to find out how to meet your maximum potential in your classes, make an appointment today to get started.

We offer the following FREE services to all Wright State University Lake Campus students:

  • Math Tutoring: You can meet with a peer tutor for help with your latest math homework, or with a professional tutor for more intensive math help
  • Writing Feedback: Meet with one of our writing consultants to get valuable feedback on your writing assignments for any class. We work with you at any point during the writing process, whether you’re still trying to decide on a topic, need to find reliable research, need to brush up on your documentation skills, or if you have a completed draft and need to revise and edit.
  • General Tutoring: From lab reports in biology to homework questions in Calculus, we can provide you support in catching up or staying ahead in your classwork.
  • Peer Success Coach: Whether you need a study buddy for an upcoming exam or want to learn important time management and note-taking skills that it takes to be the best student you can be, a peer success coach is here to help you. Peer Success Coaches can provide you with coaching and tutoring in any subject and about more general academic topics, too.
  • One-on-One Technology Workshops: If you’re confused about how to use any of Wright State’s computer systems like Wings or Pilot, of if you’d like a refresher on your basic computer skills, schedule a short one-on-one technology workshop. One of your peers will walk you through all that you need to know and help you practice until you feel confident.
  • Group Workshops: We can faciliate or moderate your study group in any subject area.
  • Peer Advocates: Coming soon...

182 Andrews Hall
(419) 586-0326

Mon-Thurs: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Friday: 9a.m. - 12p.m.
   or by appointment

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Faculty Director
Christine Wilson

Melissa Odira