Coronavirus Update

Classes will be held remotely for the remainder of the spring semester, and all official university events and student activities are suspended until further notice. While the Dayton and Lake campuses remain open, access to campus is restricted to personnel who have been identified as essential. Read more.

Administrative Operations

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

The Dean’s office is responsible for processing the following, which require advanced authorization.

Expenditure Requests (Click to download excel file) with estimated amounts should be approved by the dean or business manager before any purchases are made. 

Mileage Reimbursement  (Click to download excel file) Mileage must be preapproved by the business manager using the attached Expense Log sheet.  The preapproval form will indicate the allocation FOAP to be used in Chrome River.  After mileage is driven, a New Expense Report must be completed in Chrome River.  Normal commute miles to/from work will need deducted and can be done in Chrome River.  Go to Settings to enter your commute miles. Please refer to University Policy 9510 Travel for additional information. Mileage expense as of 1/1/2019 is 58 cents per mile.

  • Use of Video-Conferencing/Skype/Phone-Conferencing/etc. will be required when available and it is the travelers’ responsibility to request those options.

Reimbursements are processed electronically by the dean's office and paid via direct deposit to the employees pay account.  Itemized cash register receipts or invoices showing the method of payment, such as a personal credit card or cash payment, are needed for reimbursement.

  • Tax on items purchased is not reimbursable. Show the place of business WSU’s tax exempt form to waive the taxes.  (Ask the dean’s office for a copy or go to
  • Meals cannot be paid unless it is associated with overnight travel or if it is a legitimate business lunch with nonemployees of the Lake Campus.  For the meal to be paid, list all the names of the participants and the purpose of the meeting. No alcohol is allowed at a business meal.

Travel Authorizations are required for legitimate business travel for anyone who stays overnight.

WSU procurement cards or personal credit cards can be used.  For WSU Travel Policy, see University Policy 9510 Travel.

  • If you are paying for a conference with a personal check, make a copy of your check before sending. It will need to be turned in with your documentation.
  • Once travel is complete, turn in all receipts of expenses, even the prepaid expenses on WSU procurement cards, soon after the trip so the travel can be processed within 30 days.  If the travel goes past 90 days for processing, it then needs to be approved by the Provost and could lead to your paying taxes on the reimbursement.
  • Travel by air or automobile: if automobile trip is over 700 miles round trip, the lower of mileage cost or round trip coach airfare cost is used. 
  • If not traveling by air, use own vehicle when traveling less than 200 miles round trip from the Lake Campus. 
  • Per diem of meals are $10 breakfast, $14 lunch, and $22 dinner. For high-priced cities, such as Chicago, Dallas, Washington, DC, etc., it is $11, $15, and $25 respectively.  (See 5601.06 under the Web site listed above.)

Overnight Travel

New Pre-Approval Report must be completed in Chrome River prior to your travels.  Check with the business manager if you need your FOAP or Allocation codes.

Include estimates of all travel types that will be used, including airfare, mileage to/from airport, lodging, meals, conference registration fees, rental car and any other additional expenses.  Conference registration/information is required for pre-approval.  All Pre-Approvals are to be sent to the Dean.

After the travel is completed a New Expense Report must be created in Chrome River.  Upload or e-mail all receipts to Chrome River ( and attach to each expense incurred. All Expense reports need approved by the business manager.

Detailed instructions on Chrome River can be found here.

  • If automobile trip is over 700 miles round trip, the lower mileage cost or round trip coach airfare cost is used.
  • When traveling overnight, per diem will be used to reimburse traveler for meals.  Per Diem will not be given if the conference provided meals.  All per diem rates are in Chrome River.

Transportation required for student organization functions is the responsibility of the organization.  WSU Lake Campus does not provide university owned or rented vehicles. 

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Contact the business manager for questions regarding employee benefits, such as insurance, leave time, payroll, etc.

General Information

General Information

Contact assistant to the dean to:

  1. Make appointments with the dean.
  2. Check on the process of the Promotion and Tenure documentation.
  3. Check on the process of evaluations for faculty and staff.
  4. Order letterhead, envelopes, office name plates, directory name strips, business cards, and miscellaneous items.

Usage Guidelines for Lake Campus University Vehicles and Watercraft

Usage Guidelines for Lake Campus University Vehicles and Watercraft

Based on University Policy 9210 University Owned, Leased, Loaned, Rented, and Privately Owned Vehicles

[Effective 08/29/16]

Vehicles and watercraft assigned to and purchased for use at the Lake Campus are the property of the Lake Campus Administration and Wright State University. The Lake Campus Administration maintains all vehicles assigned to and purchased for Lake Campus use.

  1. Qualifications for Driving University Vehicles and Watercraft
    1. Vehicles: Refer to University Policy 9210.04
    2. Watercraft: Refer to Ohio Revised Code Section 1547.05-1547.051 (information on the Ohio Boater Education Law is accessible via the following link: these Usage Guidelines.
      1. Ohio law requires boaters born on or after January 1, 1982, to successfully complete either a boating course or a proficiency exam in order to operate a boat powered by more than 10 horsepower.
      2. First-time boat operators must produce proof of a valid Ohio Driver’s License (for operators born before January 1, 1982) or proof of a valid Ohio Driver’s License and verification of successful completion of a boating course or proficiency exam (for operators born on or after January 1, 1982) to Lake Campus Administration prior to obtaining permission to use a University-owed watercraft.
  2. Insurance and Accident Reporting
    1. Vehicles: Refer to University Policy 9210.12
    2. Watercraft: Refer to University Policy 9210.12
  3. Usage Guidelines
    1. University-owned vehicles and watercraft may only be used for official university business.
    2. The 23 passenger bus is available for athletic team travel only.
    3. Non-University personnel, students, and/or guests are not permitted on University watercraft or in University vehicles. Requests to permit non-University personnel, students, and/or guests to use University watercraft while accompanied by authorized University personnel, students, and/or guests must be submitted in writing to Lake Campus Administration.
    4. Any University employee who desires to use a University-owned watercraft for  academic, non-academic, and/or extra-curricular activities, should contact the Office of General Counsel at (937) 775-2719 regarding necessary waiver forms.
    5. Keys for the University vehicles and watercraft will be available for check-in/check-out in the Administrative Offices at the Lake Campus.
      1. Duplication of keys for University vehicles and watercraft is prohibited.
      2. Keys for University vehicles and/or watercraft that have been checked-out by a University employee cannot be transferred to another user.
      3. Keys will only be issued to approved drivers (see University Policy 9210.04) for vehicles and approved operators for boats (see Section 1.b. above).
    6. Requests by non-University personnel, students, and/or guests (non-University entities) for permission to use University watercraft, must be submitted in writing to Lake Campus Administration. If Lake Campus Administration grants permission to non-University entities to use University watercraft, such entities will be required to complete additional documentation. 
  4. Driver Disqualifications
    1. Vehicles: Refer to University Policy 9210.05
    2. Watercraft: Refer to Ohio’s Boater Education Law and these Usage Guidelines. The operator of a university owned watercraft may be subject to loss of operating/usage privileges if the operator did not maintain possession of the university owned watercraft during the period of authorized use.
    3. Failure to comply with these Usage Guidelines or applicable University Policy, including University Policy 9210, may result in the loss of operating and usage privileges or other disciplinary action in accordance with existing University policies.

The Usage Guidelines were developed in accordance with University Policy, and in consultation with the Office of General Counsel and the Office of Risk Management. 

Questions about these Usage Guidelines should be directed to the Office of the Dean at (419) 586-0381.

Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting

Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting

  1. Submit vacation/sick leave online for staff—requests for vacation and scheduled sick leave need to be turned in to your supervisor and approved before actual time used.  Otherwise, sick leave is to be submitted and approved once returning from the sick time off.  All sick and vacation hours for unclassified staff are to be reported online in your leave reports at the end of the month. If you have zero hours, you need not access the leave report. Classified staff reports their sick and vacation hours in their online time sheet biweekly.
  2. Faculty must submit your sick days absent online in your leave reports at the end of each month.  If you have zero days, you need not access the leave report.

For additional information see University Policy 8410 Vacation