Campus Telephones

Campus offices can be reached from off-campus locations by dialing the area code 419 then the prefix 586, then 03 plus last two numbers for 83xx extensions or 02 plus last two numbers for 84xx extensions.


  • Local calls: dial 9, then the desired ten-digit phone number.
  • Long distance calls: dial 9-1-area code-then the desired number
  • International calls: dial 9-0-1-1-country code-city code-then the desired number
  • Lake Campus or Dayton calls: dial the four-digit number listed in the directory
  • Campus Operators: dial 0
  • Outside Information: dial 9-1-area code-555-1212 (cannot use 411)
  • Outside Operator: dial 9-0-0 (Qwest)
  • Calling Card: dial 9-1-800 then the calling card number; follow prompts
  • Ohio Relay Service: 9-1-800-750-0750
  • Emergency -- 911
  • Telephone problems – x8335
  • Voicemail dial 1010
  • Instructions are at

(Your temporary passcode is 4747; however, you will change this to a private passcode when you go through the tutorial. Passcode length is a minimum of four digits.)