Coronavirus Update

Classes will be held remotely for the remainder of the spring semester, and all official university events and student activities are suspended until further notice. While the Dayton and Lake campuses remain open, access to campus is restricted to personnel who have been identified as essential. Read more.

Food Policy – Non-Sale

So many events, celebrations, and get-togethers have food as a focus or the glue that ties the situation together.  This policy has evolved as a result of conversations with the WSU-Dayton Campus and the Mercer County Health Department.  The underlying intent is to provide a framework that avoids a liability situation for Lake Campus’ organizations, units, or individuals and the total university.

If an organization or unit within the Lake Campus wishes to sell food items, Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3717-1-01 (B) and Chapter 3717 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) section 3717.01 (K) provides guidelines for such sales.  It will be critical for the organization or unit to make contact with the Lake Campus Event Coordinator to obtain the guidelines and a waiver form before the event commences.  Bake sales require baked goods to be pre-packaged.

Groups, units, or individuals who wish to provide food at no charge are not subject to this code.  However, in light of liability concerns, it is important that groups, units, or individuals take responsibility for foods needing special handling to prevent spoilage or to inhibit bacterial growth.  Groups, units, or individuals who will be providing free food items must notify the Lake Campus Events Coordinator so the activity can be logged in and a record kept.

Events that might fall under this “no-charge” category include but not limited to:

  • Carry-ins
  • Cookie exchanges
  • Ice Cream socials
  • Chili cook-offs
  • Sharing of garden goods