Mail Services

1. Bulk Mail

  • For assistance with processing bulk mail jobs, please contact the front desk two to three weeks in advance of the mailing.
  • If an outside vendor is doing the mailing, please notify the desk and make a copy of the invoice or any other paperwork, and be sure to include mailing costs. This allows the funding in the account with the US Post Office to be closely monitored.
  • If bulk mailing is done in-house, please check with the Front Desk for specific guidelines. Some general guidelines are:
    • For a bulk mailing, you must have at least 200 pieces, and it must be identical in size, weight and color. A bulk mailing is much cheaper than 1st class mail, but it is generally delivered in a less timely manner.
    • All bulk mail must have the non-profit permit stamp. The mail machine can imprint this permit on the envelopes as well as seal them. However, some envelopes do not seal well. Please discuss with Mail Center before starting your mailing. In addition, envelopes need a label under the return address reading "Return Service Requested."
    • The guidelines on size and weight of pieces are lengthy; however, the Mail Center will assist you with any questions you may have. Our typical Lake Campus bulk mail easily fits within the weight and size guidelines.
    • If the mailing is not in envelopes, please check with the Mail Center for proper folds and placement of tape or seals, or if you have any questions. Mailing seals are available in general office supplies in the Faculty Secretaries office.
    • Typically Lake Campus bulk mail sorted is by the first three (3) digits of the zip code. We generally use a 3/5 sort, meaning the mail is counted and can be out of order as long as they all have the same 3/5. For sorting questions, please see Teresa.
    • The Mail Center will handle the processing of paperwork for the Post Office and the delivery to the Post Office.

2. Mail Center

All mail, including internal, USPS and Dayton Courier Mail, is delivered to Faculty Offices, ODS, Information Technology, Administration, Bookstore, Business Enterprise Center, Engineering, Learning Center, Student Success Center, and Buildings/Grounds. The morning mail delivery/pick-up is typically between 10:30 am-Noon, and the afternoon mail delivery/pick-up is between 1:00-4:00 pm, depending on delivery of USPS mail. If student help is not available or if the US postal delivery is delayed, delivery times may change.

Courier mail is delivered through the Mail Center. Mail can be brought to the Mail Center for delivery to Dayton campus. If you have any questions/concerns about Dayton campus courier mail or the current semester’s schedule, please contact the Administrative Offices.


3. UPS/Fed Ex

UPS and occasional FedEx deliveries will be delivered to the Mail Center. Small packages will be delivered with regular mail. We will contact individuals/departments to make arrangements for larger packages. Outgoing UPS packages (with pre-printed labels) should be brought to the Mail Center for pick-up by UPS. It is the responsibility of the sender to call UPS or Fed Ex for call tags for packages that do not have pre-printed labels. Packages for UPS pickup can be then left at the Mail Center or the Bookstore, but packages for Fed Ex can only be left at the Mail Center after securing the call tag.