All registered student organizations and its members shall adhere to all University policies and procedures and state and federal laws. University policies include, but not limited to, the student policies as published in the Wright State University Student Handbook, Anti-Hazing Policy, Equal Opportunity in Education (University Policy 8001) and the Student Code of Conduct.

  • Alcohol Policy: Please see Alcohol Consumption on University Property (University Policy 9710).  No alcohol will be permitted for events hosted or co-hosted by any Lake Campus student organization, regardless of policies listed in the handbook.
  • Constitution and By-Laws: Each potential organization is required to submit a constitution in order to gain official status as a WSU student organization.  A constitution is the governing document for operation of the registered student organization.  It should contain the objectives of the organization, a membership clause, a description of the officers’ responsibilities and duties of elected offices, and any standing committees.  Organization may decide to include the by-laws of the organization, which are rules that govern the election of officers and other procedures.  By-laws should also include plans to replace officers for not fulfilling their duties or stepping down from their position.  By-laws can increase the requirements of membership, as deemed necessary.  The constitution can dictate member fees as a way to track membership and increase funding to the group.  All constitution by-laws and changes must be approved by at least 75% of the organizations’ active members to take effect. 
  • Event Policies: All student organizations are required to abide by the Lake Campus Event Policies.  It is strongly advised that all officers of the organization read these policies thoroughly before planning any function and to contact the Events Coordinator with any questions in advance.  All events taking place at the Lake Campus must be scheduled through the Events Coordinator, generally at least 30-days in advance; internal and external event locations are subject to availability.  Costs may be associated with partnership events, equipment or décor/linen rental, etc.
  • Marketing Policies: Student Organizations are encouraged to market their upcoming events.  All marketing for internal/external student organization events must be created by or approved by the Coordinator prior to posting or distribution.  All marketing materials should list the following:
  • Name of Event
  • Name of Hosting Organization(s)
  • Location of Event
  • Time of Event
  • Additional Informational Details regarding Function

Student Organizations are encouraged to take advantage of the following forms of marketing [see Candace Phlipot for services and approvals]:

  • Campus Televisions
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Lake Campus Facebook
  • Lake Campus “Things To Do” Online Calendar
  • Emails to Students/Faculty/Staff
  • Sidewalk Chalk [specific locations only]
  • External Locations, where permitted and approved

The hosting organization is responsible for removing all event signage in a timely manner following the function.