Coronavirus Update

Classes will be held remotely for the remainder of the spring semester, and all official university events and student activities are suspended until further notice. While the Dayton and Lake campuses remain open, access to campus is restricted to personnel who have been identified as essential. Read more.


If you need an item which the Faculty Secretaries do not have in stock, please let them know. If they need to order items, please allow time for them to get the order together, send to administration for approval, and then place the order. Generally, an order with Guy Brown Office Max for general supplies is placed about twice a semester. Allow time for order to be delivered. Guy Brown Office Max is WSU’s contracted supplier and usually offers next day delivery. However, approval must be given before an order can be placed. If you need some items quickly, fill out an expenditure request, get approval from administration, and send to the Faculty Secretaries to process. Items can be special ordered if they are pre-approved, and you will get them the next day. If your request is general in nature and not needed immediately, let them know. It will be included in the next expenditure request for general supplies.

If you need a large amount of any specific item, such as WSU envelopes, manila envelopes, file folders, or a large quantity of any office item, please let the Faculty Secretaries know in advance, if possible. It is a challenge to keep the wide variety of supplies in the workroom well-stocked throughout the year. They plan for “normal” use of supplies so if someone needs a lot of one item, we may or may not have enough available. They also keep a supply of forms in the office such as: room request, expenditure request, travel, vehicle request, etc. Just ask one of the Faculty Secretaries for the one you need.