Early Childhood Education

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The Early Childhood Education program prepares students to teach children three years of age through third grade.

In addition to the university’s CORE curriculum, the program includes courses to ensure that candidates develop theoretical and practical knowledge in humanities, mathematics and technology, Social sciences, biological and physical sciences, the arts and personal health and fitness.

During the junior and senior years, candidates complete a structured sequence of coursework in educational methodology and pedagogy, paired with supervised experiences in a public setting. This two-year sequence of course work culminates with the student teaching experience.

Completion of the Early Childhood Education program and obtaining successful scores on the state pedagogy and content knowledge examinations qualify a candidate for Early Childhood (P-3) teacher licensure in Ohio.  Licensure is required to qualify for employment in public school settings. Other employment settings can include private and charter schools and Head Start Programs.

Admission Requirements

**Effective for FALL semester 2019--To meet accreditation guidelines, programs admissions requirements will change to the following:

**Due to accreditation requirement changes, admissions requirements are subject to change.  Students should continue to check for updates, and work with their advisors to be informed of upcoming changes.

  • Cumulative minimum GPA of 2.8
  • Program application form
  • Submission of a copy of the ED 2750 Dispositional Assessment, demonstrating a "Meets Requirements" rating.  Click here for detailed instructions on downloading this assessment.
  • Submit the application for ECE3210 via Pilot. Click here for detailed application instructions.
  • January 15th for a Fall cohort start
  • Passing scores in each of the following areas:
    • One of the following Reading scores:
      • ACT Reading Score of 22 or better
      • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score of 543 or better
      • Praxis Core Reading Score of 168 or better
    • One of the following Writing scores:
      • ACT Writing score of 6 or better
      • SAT Writing Dimension Score of 5 or better
      • Praxis Core Writing score of 165 or better
    • One of the following Math Scores:
      • ACT Math score of 22 or better
      • SAT Math Score of 533 or better
      • Praxis Core Math score of 162 or better

Degree Requirements & Courses