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Credential/Certificate Program in French Studies

Department of Modern Languages

College Credit Plus

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The Graduate Certificate in French Studies targets language classes in French and Francophone Literature, Film, Business, Written and Oral Expression, History, and Phonetics. This certificate is suitable for graduate students wishing to meet requirements to teach French or College Credit Plus courses in the State of Ohio.

The courses are designed to provide rich cultural and literary content in the target language.

Admission Requirements and Process

High school teachers who wish to pursue the teaching credential/certificate must submit to the Graduate School the following:

  • Please apply through Wright State's Graduate School. The options for applying to the CCP certificate and credential programs are in the online application.
  • An official transcript showing the award of a bachelor’s degree in French or French Studies from an accredited university
  • An official transcript showing the award of a Master’s degree in any field, unless from Wright State
  • Statement of goals

Additional requirement:

Applicants must pass a department-administered Oral Proficiency Interview with a minimal Intermediate High rating.

Program of Study

Given the student’s required background in French studies, it is impossible to require certain classes without risking repetition. Therefore, the degree will comprise two required courses and 14 elective credit hours from the approved list of graduate courses in French.

2 Required Courses:

  • A Capstone Project--FR 6810 Independent Reading for Graduate Students, 3 credit hours. This independent study project is based on the student’s individual proclivities, and requires a 10-15 page paper in the target language, followed by an interactive research presentation.
  • FR 5810 Applied Elementary French Instruction, 1 credit hour, supervised by a permanent faculty member.


14 credit hours to be chosen from the following approved list.     

  • FR 5110 (3 credits)
  • FR 5120 (3 credits)
  • FR 5210 (3 credits)
  • FR 5220 (3 credits)
  • FR 5250 (3 credits)
  • FR 5310 (3 credits)
  • FR 5320 (3 credits)
  • FR 5510 (3 credits)
  • FR 5610 (3 credits)
  • FR 5820 (1 credit)
  • FR 5830 (1 credit)
  • FR 5900 (1 credit)
  • FR 5990 (1-3 credits)
  • FR 6030 (3 credits)
  • FR 6420 (3 credits)
  • FR 6530 (3 credits)
  • FR 6540 (3 credits)
  • FR 6630 (3 credits)
  • FR 6640 (3 credits)
  • FR 6650 (3 credits)
  • FR 6810 (3 credits)
  • FR 6820 (3 credits)
  • FR 6910 (3 credits)
  • FR 6920 (3 credits)
  • FR 6930 (3 credits)
  • FR 6940 (3 credits)

Total 18 credit hours