Did You Know?


  • Nearly 100% of Lake Campus students are employed at least part-time.
  • Work-based learning activities have the potential to make significant differences in a student’s learning. Study after study has shown that students of all ages respond favorably when academics are taught in context. Work-based experiences provide additional context, add value through real-life applications, and bring additional support to the classroom in the form of mentors, sponsors, and other industry-based resources. [1]
  • Nearly 60% of students participating in an internship or co-op reported that they were extremely likely to accept a full-time position with the employer. [2]
  • 65% of bachelor’s degree graduates from the class of 2015 participated in an internship and/or co-op. College students continue to realize how much employers value work experience in the candidates they recruit. [3]
  • There is a variety of reasons why employers hire interns. When asked to think of their primary reasons, employers cited the following most often: to develop a local talent pipeline (62%), to increase exposure at local colleges and universities (43%), and to assist with special project work (40%). Non-profit organizations (60%) hired interns primarily to solicit creative and innovative input.[4]
  • Internship and co-op programs are among the best incubators of talent at a time when the expansion of our regional economy requires more educated workers. A thriving … economy will attract and retain the nation’s best and brightest talent, and internships are a key retention strategy.[5]
  • Organizations that have internship and co-op programs know that today’s interns are tomorrow’s top recruits. General Electric’s Manager of Global Recruiting and Staffing Services Steven Canale said, “If I only had $100 to spend on recruiting, I’d spend all $100 on interns and co-ops.” At GE, 80 percent of its 1,000 full-time hires each year come from internships and co-ops.[6]

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