Community Garden


In the News

The Lake Campus Community Garden of Life is a new campus-wide initiative which will unite faculty, staff, administration, students, alumni and campus partners while giving back to our local communities. Together we will plant, nurture and harvest. All fruits (or vegetables) of our labor will be donated.

Fast Facts

  • Over $3,000 has been raised to use to purchase all supplies
  • All Produce from the garden will be donated to C.A.L.L. Food Pantry in Celina, OH and Agape Food Pantry in St. Marys, OH
  • The gardens are raised beds in order to avoid soil compaction from walking on the soil, eliminates the need for tillers, easier to control weeds, an excellent drainage for excessive water
  • Strawberries, onions, lettuce, carrots, asparagus, tomatoes, parsley, rhubarb, potatoes, beets, and zucchini are currently planted
  • Garden beds contain organic waste such as leaves, eggshells, shredded paper, food scraps and grass clippings
  • Labor is all volunteer

Committee Members

  • Gretchen Rentz
  • Kip Wright
  • Julie Miller
  • Seth Baker
  • Jan Eckstein
  • Liane Muhlenkamp
  • Ron Kremer
  • John Hawley

Timeline of Events

September 2011

  • Staff personnel discussed creating a garden

October 2011

  • A garden committee was created and approval for a community garden was granted
  • Based upon the area given, condition of site, etc. it was determined to build raised garden beds and construction began

November 2011

  • Garden committee decided upon the name of  WSU-LC Community Garden
  • A truck load of wood compost was ordered and received
  • Began filling the raised beds during the construction with leaves, grass clippings, shredded paper, kitchen waste, etc.
  • Accepted leaves from staff personnel and a donated truck load of leaves received from St. Marys Township

December 2012

  • Purchased a Rubbermaid storage building for supplies and tools storage
  • Scrapbook created to hold photos, note, etc. for viewing
  • Received 180 pounds of fertilizer as a donation from Van Tilburg Farms
  • Applied the granular fertilizer to assist in the composing of the leaves
  • Created a 3.5 foot French drain for water from the parking lot

January 2012

  • Seeds have been ordered and received from nurseries
  • Applied eight gallons of liquid fertilizer to leaves to accelerate composing and 300 pounds of agriculture lime to reduce acid level due to leaves
  • Applied 300 pounds of agriculture lime to reduce acid level due to leaves

February 2012

  • Eighth raised garden bed constructed to continue to accept yard waste, shredded paper, cafeteria waste, etc.
  • The initial seven raised beds are full
  • Garden bed markers are being constructed. Materials and work is being donated thanks to Kinninger Welding and Coldwater Machine

March 2012

  • Manure and topsoil applied to the garden beds

April 2012

  • Planting began in early April with rhubarb, parsley, strawberries, carrots, potatoes, asparagus, and onions
  • First radishes harvested

May 2012

  • Garden is available for public viewing
  • Onions, strawberries, lettuce and radishes being harvested and donated to Agape Food Pantry in St. Marys, OH and C.A.L.L. Ministries in Celina, OH
  • Early May received adequate rain and warm temperatures and plants are doing well