Research Highlights

  • The first annual Lake Campus Research Symposium was held in 2016.The event was centered around 20+ research projects presented by 30+ faculty and students and was attended by over 150 people from the campus community. Since then, the event has grown to include even more projects and garnered increasing amounts of support from the community.

  • The internal grant program that was launched in 2015 continues to provide research support to both faculty and students. To date, the program has been instrumental in providing opportunities for both students and faculty to expand their education through research and has helped catalyze many peer reviewed research articles, external funding, and successful projects of all kinds.

  • The program continues to hold various research related workshops on building proposals, writing research papers, or identifying external grant support.

  • Faculty and faculty mentored students have produced 100+ units of research spanning peer reviewed journal articles, contracts and grants, books, book chapters, book reviews, novelettes, reference works, short fiction works, plays, and scholarly presentations

  • For more information, please explore the research reports from the campus over the past few years!

Research Reports






Research News

Jan 13, 2020


The Dean's List for Fall Semester 2019 is now available.

Jan 13, 2020
Wright State University’s Dan Krane is an AB-negative donor, the rarest of all blood types and the universal donor for platelets and plasma.
Jan 6, 2020

CELINA, OH – A Lake Campus Student and Alumni Day will be held on Sunday, January 12, 2020 during the men’s and women’s basketball games. They will be battling the Thunderhawks of Miami Hamilton at the Auglaize-Mercer Counties YMCA in Celina. Women’s game starts at 1pm and the men will tip-off at 3pm. Students and alumni will receive free admission and additional tickets are available at the door for $7. An Alumni...

Dec 20, 2019
The Lake Campus collaborates with the justice system and several agriculture organizations to teach juveniles on probation discipline, responsibility and the importance of community.
Dec 18, 2019

She traces her desire to become a nurse back to growing up in her native Haiti, where as a 10-year-old girl she came to the aid of a bleeding man.

The barefoot man had been wading through a river near Annette Huelskamp’s home and cut his foot. The young girl raced over to the stricken man, tore off a piece of her skirt and tied the fabric over the wound to stop the hemorrhaging.

The grateful man blessed Huelskamp and may have put an angel on her shoulder. A few years later,...

Dec 13, 2019
Brian Rigling had served as interim dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science since July 2018.
Dec 12, 2019

Inspired by her kindergarten teacher, a young girl named Betsy would go home and play teacher for hours. Those early experiences instilled in her a love of education, and she knew she wanted to be a teacher one day.

That dream came true and today, Betsy Crites is an education lecturer at the Wright State University–Lake Campus, inspiring the next generation of elementary school teachers.

Crites, who is also the STEM (science, technology...

Dec 12, 2019
Douglas Leaman, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, will join the leadership team of Susan Edwards, who will become the university's eighth president on Jan. 1.
Dec 9, 2019
Wright State’s 2019 fall commencement ceremony takes place on Saturday, Dec. 14, beginning at 10 a.m. in the Wright State Nutter Center.
Dec 2, 2019

The Raj Soin College of Business and the Lake Campus are currently formulating the fifteenth cohort of MBA students at the Lake Campus. The program is set to start in the Fall of 2020, with a projected graduation of Fall of 2022. Weekend and online classes are constructed in a cohort model allowing for close interaction, shared insights from work and life experiences. For more information about the Lake Campus MBA Program, please...