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Wright State University - Lake Campus Career Services, located in Trenary Hall, Rooms 123 & 122, offers career related resources and services to WSU students, alumni, and area employers. The Lake Campus Career Services office posts part and full-time jobs and partners with the Dayton WSU Career Center office as well as other regional job opportunity agencies.


Lake Campus Career Services Mission:

  • Help students and alumni explore career options and improve job search skills
  • Help students and alumni prepare to seek and obtain rewarding employment
  • Facilitate beneficial relationships between employers and students/alumni to meet current and future workforce needs


Students & Alumni: Wright State University is among a small number of colleges offering free, lifetime career services to all students and alumni. Whether you are just starting out, looking to expand your network, or thinking of making a change, learn how the Office of Career Services can help you. Students and alumni can access helpful information to prepare resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews, gain experience through different employment opportunities, and participate in various Career Services events. We have resources available to help new students explore career options including job-shadow opportunities that focus on specific career interests. We can help students and alumni keep job-search skills fresh.

Career Services helps students and alumni:

  • Use the WSU Career Center Portal and external databases and websites to explore different employment opportunities
  • Learn advanced tips to write and post resumes online
  • Prepare for interviews, negotiate salaries, and learn effective job-search strategies

Employers: Wright State University offers employers the opportunity to hire students who are among the best and brightest. The university’s rigorous academics enable students to develop skills and position themselves for success after graduation.

Career Services helps employers:

  • Hire student employees in part-time, off-campus, general positions while taking classes
  • Hire students and alumni for full-time, permanent entry-level or professional positions
  • Hire students for internships/co-ops in specific disciplines
  • Create in-house internship/co-ops programs

Employers can also  access the WSU Career Center Portal, an online referral system that contains many student and alumni resumes. 


Students: 95% of employers said candidate experience is a factor in hiring decisions, according to an annual survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE, 2016).

Obtaining an internship or co-op during your collegiate career is one of the best ways to land a job after graduation! An internship or a co-op will give you an immeasurable amount of experience in your field of study, while making connections out in the community. Career Services can assist you in securing an internship or co-op before you graduate that will provide you with hands-on experience sought by employers.

Employers: Internship and co-op programs are among the best incubators of talent at a time when the expansion of our regional economy requires more educated workers (NEO, 2016). 

Career Services can assist you with hiring a student to fill your internship/co-op positions. Not sure how to go about creating an internship/co-op position at your company? We can visit your company and show you quick and efficient ways to create your own internship/co-op program without additional personnel. State funding programs are available to off-set costs for your internships/co-ops. You may qualify for one of these funding opportunities. Contact Lucy Flowers, Student Internships/Co-ops Coordinator, for more information.

For more information on internships/co-ops, contact Lucy Flowers,,  or Carol Jones,

  1. Employer Background Sheet
  2. Internship/Co-Op Info Sheet


Access a range of resources to help you research careers, potential employers, market your qualifications via resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and social media

Internal Resources

External Resources


Did You Know?

o   Nearly 100% of Lake Campus students are employed at least part-time.

o   Work-based learning activities have the potential to make significant differences in a student’s learning. Study after study has shown that students of all ages respond favorably when academics are taught in context. Work-based experiences provide additional context, add value through real-life applications, and bring additional support to the classroom in the form of mentors, sponsors, and other industry-based resources. [1]

o   Nearly 60% of students participating in an internship or co-op reported that they were extremely likely to accept a full-time position with the employer. [2]

o   65% of bachelor’s degree graduates from the class of 2015 participated in an internship and/or co-op. College students continue to realize how much employers value work experience in the candidates they recruit. [3]

o   There is a variety of reasons why employers hire interns. When asked to think of their primary reasons, employers cited the following most often: to develop a local talent pipeline (62%), to increase exposure at local colleges and universities (43%), and to assist with special project work (40%). Non-profit organizations (60%) hired interns primarily to solicit creative and innovative input.[4]

o    Internship and co-op programs are among the best incubators of talent at a time when the expansion of our regional economy requires more educated workers. A thriving  economy will attract and retain the nation’s best and brightest talent, and internships are a key retention strategy.[5]

o   Organizations that have internship and co-op programs know that today’s interns are tomorrow’s top recruits. General Electric’s Manager of Global Recruiting and Staffing Services Steven Canale said, “If I only had $100 to spend on recruiting, I’d spend all $100 on interns and co-ops.” At GE, 80 percent of its 1,000 full-time hires each year come from internships and co-ops.[6]

[1] Ohio Department of Education, 2001

[2] National Association of Colleges and Employers, 2015

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Lake Campus Liberal Arts
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