Coronavirus Update

Classes will be held remotely for the remainder of the spring semester, and all official university events and student activities are suspended until further notice. While the Dayton and Lake campuses remain open, access to campus is restricted to personnel who have been identified as essential. Read more.


Chartwells is the Food Service Provider, known as Hospitality Services, for Wright State University, including the Lake Campus.

  • Chartwells reserves first right of refusal for catered functions.
  • Internal (campus groups) can place catering orders through online ordering at or by contacting the Hospitality Services Catering Coordinator.  Lake Campus menus can be found at under the “Catering” tab.
    • When placing a catering order, please be prepared with all of the following information:
      • Name of Event (be sure this is listed identically for catering order and event reservation)
      • Event Day/Date
      • Start Time of Event, Meal Service Time, Meal Service Clean-up Time, Conclusion Time of Event
      • Location of Meeting (must contact Lake Campus Events Coordinator in advance)
      • # of Attendees
      • Food/Beverage Items, including quantities
      • FOAP (must contact Lake Campus Business Manager in advance)
        • ​Catering orders must be submitted by the host organization at least two weeks prior to the event.
        • Coordination of catering orders by the Events Office at the Dayton or Lake Campus will incur an additional administrative fee to the host organization.
        • Deadlines may vary between Hospitality Services for catering order completion and the Events Office for setup/technical services requests – please plan accordingly to ensure you meet all deadlines and requirements as outlined.  Multiple changes after deadlines may result in additional fees.
  • As a reminder, prior to placing any catering order:
    • Proper room reservation requests must be submitted and approved by the Events Coordinator – this applies to Dicke Hall, conference rooms, classrooms and general spaces such as the lobby, Boathouse, Patio, etc.
    • Expenditure Requests must be completed and approved by the Business Manager.

  • University Funds will not be granted for meals/food/refreshments brought into spaces for events from vendors other than Chartwells without completion of the Catering Request Waiver Form and subsequent approval from Hospitality Services.
    • An approved external caterer must provide a copy of their catering license and a copy of the invoice to the Events Coordinator following the event. 
    • Events utilizing an approved external caterer must be monitored by an individual from the host organization to ensure compliance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s safe food handling guidelines.
    • Clean-up of the event area must be completed before the external caterer leaves the premises and within the reservation time frame.
    • Wright State University shall not be held liable for meals/food/refreshments that are not provided by the University Food Service Operator. External caterer access to kitchens or food preparation areas used by the university food service operators is prohibited – this includes The Boathouse and Service Kitchen.
    • Alcohol is not permitted on the premises by any caterer other than Chartwells.  If Chartwells is providing alcohol, no other caterer will be permitted during the same event.   University Policy 9710 Alcohol Consumption on University Property
  • Pricing and policies will vary for external clients (community groups) – please direct any external clients to the Lake Campus Events Coordinator.
  • Additional policies may apply.  Details are subject to change.

To Guide to the Process…

  • Example: A Student Organization wants to have pizza for one of their regular meetings.  If using campus funds, they must place this order through Chartwells.  If pooling their own money (not requested University funds), they can opt to bring in their own source of pizza.  If wishing to use an external caterer (Cece’s Catering, for instance) regardless of the money source, they must receive prior approval.  This meeting must be limited to members of the organization and cannot be “open to the campus/public.”
  • Example: A Student Employee Supervisor wants to serve refreshments and pay for the items from his/her own pocket from a grocery store for an Employee Meeting.  Preference should be given to Chartwells if possible.  If wishing to use an external caterer, they must receive prior approval.
  • Example: Employees want to have a “brown bag” working lunch, where everyone brings their own meal.  Use of Chartwells is not required.
  • Example: A group wants to host a potluck or cookout where each person brings an item.  Use of Chartwells is not required, but purchasing some items (for instance, meat – particularly for liability, as well as buns, condiments, disposables) is encouraged.
  • Example: A campus academic unit is hosting a function and the admission fee is $10/attendee which includes lunch.  Chartwells must be contacted for catering.  For events charging admission or fees of any type to attendees, refreshments must be provided by a licensed caterer (you cannot bring in grocery store items or serve food from your own home).

Please see “Event Policies” for additional details on client types, room usage, applicable fees, catering needs, and general conditions.

Please see “Room Reservations” for information securing space for events.