Coronavirus Update

Classes will be held remotely for the remainder of the spring semester, and all official university events and student activities are suspended until further notice. While the Dayton and Lake campuses remain open, access to campus is restricted to personnel who have been identified as essential. Read more.

General information

If you wish access to the main building during closed periods, you will need to be issued an exterior front door key and a security code for disarming the area you will be accessing.  Follow the procedure on page 5 for a key request.  Anyone issued an exterior front door key will automatically be issued a security code.  Anyone who wishes a security code may request one from the Building & Grounds Supervisor.

Building Services can be provided during closed periods at a per hour charge back fee (minimum four-hour charge).  We must have the request at least two weeks in advance and in writing.  The request must be approved by the Lake Campus Dean. (Having the event placed on the campus events calendar is not a substitute for this formal notification to Buildings and Grounds.)

Buildings and Grounds Staff are not authorized to unlock any office, lab, or work area for anyone other than the staff/faculty member who occupies the space.  They can, however, at the occupant’s request, unlock an interior door (excluding science labs) during our normal morning rounds at 6:00 a.m. Monday–Friday and 7:00 a.m. Saturday.  They take no responsibility for the area once it is unsecured.