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About SkillsTrac

SkillsTrac: Your Partner in Advanced Manufacturing Training

SkillsTrac, an advanced manufacturing program from Wright State University–Lake Campus, is designed to help businesses, technicians, and students in our region develop the skills they need to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair automated systems.

With SkillsTrac, you can choose only the sections you need, so you can develop the training that fits your business needs. And because SkillsTrac combines online classes with hands-on labs, you can get the training you need without disrupting your work or school schedule.

Benefits of SkillsTrac

  • Flexible training: Choose only the sections you need to develop the training that fits your business needs.
  • Convenient delivery: Combine online classes with hands-on labs taught at Wright State University–Lake Campus.
  • Expert instruction: Learn from experienced instructors with industry expertise.
  • Real-world experience: Gain hands-on experience with the latest automated systems.
  • Affordable pricing: SkillsTrac is offered at a competitive price, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

How SkillsTrac Can Help Your Business

  • Reduce downtime: SkillsTrac can help you reduce downtime by training your employees on how to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair your automated systems.
  • Improve productivity: By training your employees on the latest automated systems, SkillsTrac can help you improve your productivity and efficiency.
  • Increase quality: SkillsTrac can help you increase the quality of your products and services by training your employees on how to properly operate and maintain your automated systems.
  • Boost employee morale: SkillsTrac can help boost employee morale by providing them with the opportunity to learn new skills and grow their careers.

Sign up for SkillsTrac today and start developing the skills you need to succeed in the advanced manufacturing industry.

Earn College Credit

Successful completion of the SkillsTrac program can earn a student up to 30 credit hours that apply toward an associate of technical study. The Associate of Technical Study: Skills Trac concentration requires approximately 60 credit hours to complete. Questions? Phone academic advisor Michael Epley at 419-586-0377 or email

Find more information in the SkillsTrac brochure (PDF).

SkillsTrac Modules

Green Level

Fundamental Skills Module

For those who need to learn basic mechanical concepts before learning more skills.

Certification sections:

  1. Maintenance Basics
  2. Mechanical Systems
  3. Print Reading and Measurements

Hours: Estimated 86 online and 32 lab

Yellow Level

Industrial Skills Module

These are core courses in the curriculum. Obtaining these concepts can help you learn advanced levels more effectively and efficiently.

Certification sections:

  1. Industrial Electricity
  2. Motors and Motor Controls
  3. Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Hours: Estimated 66 online and 56 lab

White Level

Welding and Machining Skills Module

The basics will be covered to allow you more flexibility, whether machining replacement tools or widgets, and the basic welding you may need to weld a part or fix a welding machine.

Certification levels: 

  1. Basic Machining 
  2. Basic Welding

Hours: Estimated 72 online and 42 lab

Red Level

Industrial Control Skills Module

Certification levels:

  1. Control Systems
  2. Programmable Logic Controllers

Hours: Estimated 36 online and 56 lab

Blue Level

Automation Systems Skills Module

These labs include working in small groups, classroom learning, and hands-on labs.

Certification levels:

  1. Automation Systems
  2. Robotics

Hours: Estimated 38 online and 96 lab


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