Non-Credit Classes

The following workshops are offered through the Lake Campus Business Enterprise Center. Registration for the following non-credit courses is currently underway at the Lake Campus. There are no prerequisite requirements. Seating is limited and participants must pre-register in order to attend. For registration information, please call Carol Jones at 419-586-0902 or email


Upcoming Classes


Management Training Series

Before any expansion, project, acquisition, etc., begins, it is important to start with the business analysis method. This process is generally divided into multiple steps with each step involving specific tasks to perform, principles to follow and documents to produce. The trainer will meet with you at your business for free one-on-one training after each class is finished. We offer special pricing for companies who take the entire Business Analysis Series. Prices posted per topic course are for specific analysis topics. Take the entire Business Analysis Series for just $220! Save $25 off the pricing for a full slate of Management Process classes!



Software Training Course Series

Do you want to start with software basics and increase your skills quickly? Multiple evening sessions are offered for two software topics. Start at Basic and continue to progress to Advanced user. Special pricing is available for Microsoft Excel & Microsoft PowerPoint this spring! Take all 15 hours of MS Excel for $160. A $20 savings! Take all 9 hours of MS PowerPoint & Presentation Skills for $120. A $15 savings! These software skills are in great demand by our local companies. You can take them local & save $$


STARTING RIGHT” (Pre-Business Seminar Held Monthly)

Each month the BEC hosts the Starting Right class for individuals planning to start a small business. This two-hour class gives you information to help you decide if business ownership is right for you and can assist you in starting your business the “Wright Way.” After attending the Starting Right class, you are entitled to free, individual business counseling. We can help with many issues pertaining to financials for your business—cash flow, pricing, supply costs, record-keeping, etc. We can help you with a Business Plan as well as marketing and advertising, HR issues, etc. We recommend anyone who wants to start a new business attend one of these classes.

Seminar Dates: Thursday, February 15, March 15, & April 19, 2018; Time: 6-8 p.m. Room: 119 Trenary Hall; Wright State University-Lake Campus; Cost:  $35 p/business. For more information about our classes & services OR to register for any classes, please call Carol at (419) 586-0902 OR email!


* If campus closes due to inclement weather, classes may be rescheduled depending on room/instructor availability.

** WSU-LC can cancel any class with short notice due to low enrollment.


Leadership Training

  • Handling Conflict & Difficult People

The challenge with conflict lies in how you choose to deal with it. Would you like to improve how you handle sensitive people and situations? Carla will describe how to approach communication, emotions, behavior, understanding, and how to view conflict as an opportunity. Pinpoint the problem, evaluate your circumstances, and take your next steps in resolving the conflict. This class can help employees, employers, and those who want to work on personal growth, decision making, understanding others, and developing relationships.

      Dates: February 13, 2018; Time: 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.; Instructor: Carla Hirschfeld;

      Room: 223 Dwyer Hall; Wright State University-Lake Campus; Cost: $45 p/person


Business Analysis Training

  • Advanced Business Planning

Jon will show you how to use continuous business improvement methods to ensure your company’s future progress and development. Learn how to assess feasibility, finances, and operations as part of the decision making process. Take an in-depth look at operating guidelines for products/services, policies/procedures, and personnel. Discussion will be focused on market analysis, research, financial forecast, and budgeting. With proper business planning, you will be able to keep your business sustainable and healthy! Part of the Management Training Series!

      Dates: February 13 & 20, 2018; Time: 5:30 to 8 p.m.; Instructor: Jon Heffner;

      Room: 223 Dwyer Hall; Wright State University-Lake Campus; Cost: $70 per person


  • SWOT Analysis 

Strategic planning is important to the stability and growth of businesses. SWOT analysis will examine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so you can negotiate business situations and decisions. This structured planning method can identify internal and external factors that are favorable or unfavorable for specific projects or ventures. SWOT analyses can be used in multiple situations and will become your internal thermometer for measuring potential successes and failures. Part of the Management Training Series!

      Date: February 27, 2018; Time: 5:30 to 8 p.m.; Instructor: Jon Heffner

      Room: 223 Dwyer Hall; Wright State University-Lake Campus; Cost: $35 per person


Software Training

  • QuickBooks

Before you start making money in business, you need to figure out the best methods to record, track, and manage your hard-earned dollars. QuickBooks, the #1 recommended accounting software for small businesses, makes it easy to organize all of your financial data in one central location so that you can manage your money, pay your bills, and track customer’s payments efficiently. Always know the exact financial or product inventory of your business with QuickBooks. Join Carla & Ron for 12-hours of software/Accounting training on this highly-rated software that will help improve the bottom line! Completing participants will receive a certificate.

      Dates: February 26, 27, 28, & March 1, 2018;  Time: 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.:  Cost: $135 p/person;

      Instructors: Carla Hirschfeld & Ron Kremer;  Room: 194 Dwyer Hall, WSU-Lake Campus



Software Training

  • Excel For Business

Microsoft Excel is widely recognized as the best spreadsheet software application for businesses. In this series of classes, you will learn how to create a spreadsheet, input necessary data, create charges and reports, and learn how to use Excel formulas in basic to complex computations. Join Carla as she delves into the world of references, charts, and functions! Certificates of completion will be printed for all participants completing the total 15-hour workshop (all sessions).

                              Dates                  Time: 5:30 to 8 p.m.            Room:  194 Dwyer Hall WSU-Lake Campus

      Basic:              March 5 & 7, 2018                                         Instructor: Carla Hirschfeld

      Intermediate: March 12 & 14, 2018                                     Cost: $60 p/person for each level

      Advanced:       March 19 & 21, 2018                                     ~or~ $160 p/person for all three levels!


Business Analysis Training

  • Financial Analysis For Owners & Managers

Smart business decisions are based upon your business financial statements. Jon explains how to create and interpret these key documents. Analyze your finances to assess the viability, stability and profitability of your business. Make key business decisions upon the bedrock of ratio analysis. Business tools such as liquidity, asset management, debt management, and profitability can help you make sound decisions. Part of the Management Training Series!

      Dates: March 6, 13, & 20, 2018; Time: 5:30 to 8 p.m.; Instructor: Jon Heffner;

      Room: 223 Dwyer Hall; Wright State University-Lake Campus; Cost: $105 p/person


  • Government Procurement & Exporting 

This course is designed to help small businesses understand how the government buys goods and services. It offers a clear understanding of the principles of public procurement, the generic procurement process and the role of corporate and transactional procurement. Evaluate if the ability to plan, implement and evaluate a sourcing process is appropriate for your business. The class will describe several procurement assistance programs and who is eligible to submit as a procurement partner. Part of the Management Training Series!

      Date: March 27, 2018; Time: 5:30 to 8 p.m.; Instructor: Jon Heffner

      Room: 223 Dwyer Hall; Wright State University-Lake Campus; Cost: $35 per person



Software Training

  • PowerPoint & Presentation Skills

Does your job require presentations? Public speaking makes the top five fear list for American workers. Whether you’re presenting alone or in a group it’s important your information is displayed professionally and presented clearly. Carla will show you how Microsoft PowerPoint can create professional slides and learn tips/techniques to make a professional and impactful presentation. Properly format slides to tell your story in a visually pleasing manner. Improve your presentation abilities. Transform your fear into positive energy and overcome your presentation phobia! All skill levels welcome!

                              Dates                  Time: 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.       Room:  194 Dwyer Hall WSU-Lake Campus

      Intro:              April 10, 2018                                                 Instructor: Carla Hirschfeld

      Intermediate: April 11, 2018                                                 Cost: $45 p/person for each level

      Advanced:       April 12, 2018                                                 ~or~ $120 p/person for all three levels!


  • Computer Basics (NEW daytime class!)

Do you want to keep in touch with your friends and family? Would you like to send pictures to them? Do you feel technology has left you behind? If so, the Business Enterprise Center has the "Wright" class for you. You will start by learning computer lingo and how to use a PC. Learn how to use technology to enhance your life, keep in touch with friends & family, as well as learn simple word processing and spreadsheet applications. This is an introductory class and offers SENIOR PRICING!

      Dates: April 24 & 26, 2018; Time: 1 to 3:30 p.m.; Instructor: Carla Hirschfeld

      Room: 194 Dwyer Hall; WSU-Lake Campus; Cost: $50 p/person


NOTE: SENIOR CITIZEN PRICING SPECIAL—Age 60 or over—Pay only $40 per person


*WSU-LC can cancel any class with little notice due to low enrollment.
*If campus closes due to inclement weather, classes may be rescheduled depending on availability. 

For more information about our classes & services OR to register for any classes, please call Carol Jones at 419-586-0902 or