2020 Research Symposium

Lake Campus Research Initiative

The Lake Campus Research Initiative provides a campus-wide framework to encourage scholarly activities by faculty and students. The program is designed to support scholarship by providing funding for research infrastructure, supplies, travel, and publishing costs as well as by sponsoring events that contribute to the campus' research mission.

The Lake Campus Research Committee is pleased to present the fifth annual Lake Campus Research Symposium and Annual Research Report. The Research Symposium provides an opportunity for the campus to showcase the scholarly achievements of faculty and students and represents one of the pillars of the Lake Campus Research Initiative. In addition, the committee is excited to share the 2019 Annual Lake Campus Research Review, a report that documents scholarship at the college level and demonstrates faculty and student commitment to pedagogy and respective scholarly disciplines to advance classrooms, study areas, and community. 

Note that this 2020 symposium has been moved online as part of efforts to mitigate spread of COVID-19. Click on the posters for full size displays, open the Research Review document for full length abstracts, and email authors with any questions or comments about the work. Congratulations to Lake faculty and students for their success and much encouragement for the future. 

Grand Lake St. Marys Archive

Impact of Technology Presence on Late Adolescent/Emergent Adult Social Development

Paracelsus and the Biblical Foundations of Magic: Natural, Celestial, and Demonic Astronomy

Happiness and Health

In Utero Drug Exposure Impact on Infant Health

Vaping Versus Cigarettes

Potential of Pasture Grasses to Reduce Soil Runoff in Simulated Spring Seeding Applications

Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Platform for Grand Lake St. Marys

Cost Effective Method to Determine Effect of Ethylene Gas on Ripening of Bananas

What People Think When It Comes to Animals in Research

Attitudes Towards Social Media Regarding Age

Potential for Wetlands to Remediate Harmful Pathogenic Fecal Coliform Bacteria from Streams

Herbal Medicines Effect on Depression Treatment

In Autistic Young Adults, What is the Effect of Music

Retirement: When, Why, and Returning to Work

The Effects of Kangaroo Care on Parental-Infant Bonding


Alcohol Consumption and its Effect on Liver Transplant Failure

Effect of Temperature on the Growth of Mold on Provolone Cheese

Breast Feeding vs Bottle Feeding Effecting the Amount of Hospitalizations in the First Year

PCOS and Obesity’s Effects on Pregnancy

The Impact of Pet Therapy on Pediatric Physical and Psychological Health

A Proposal for Effects of Opinions on Personal Mental Illness Perception

Using δ18O to Track PO4 Entering the Western Basin of Lake Erie

Snakes on a Plain: Paleontology, Archeology, and History of the Rattlesnake and Garter Snake in Western Ohio

Nutrient Removal Potential of Constructed Wetlands in Grand Lake St. Marys Watershed

Simpler Method to Compare Starch Hydrolysis Rate and In Vitro Expected Glycemic Index of Flours

Predicting Anthocyanin Content in Canned Black Beans Based on Color


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