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Wright State University- Lake Campus Agriculture program offers the opportunity for students to gain an agriculture degree through hands-on, web based, one on one instruction that provides students with the foundation and experiences needed to be successful in their agriculture career.

The program was developed in 2009 to meet the demands of the agriculture industry in Western Ohio and is continually working to meet the educational needs of students going into agricultural careers. Students become well rounded individuals in areas of agronomy, business, communication, and livestock production. The program allows flexibility with highly qualified instructors that still work directly with agriculture.

Here are a few reasons to look at the Agriculture program at Wright State University Lake Campus:

  • Affordable
  • Technical and applied learning
  • Close to home or affordable campus housing
  • Close to agriculture businesses and industry
  • Small, interactive classes
  • Prepares students for a career in all aspects of agriculture

Degree Requirements & Courses


“I have gained so much knowledge in the past few years from the Ag program, at Wright State Lake, that I will carry with me wherever I go. There have been so many things from class trips abroad to Ag industry tours and guest speakers that have really increased my knowledge on the agriculture sector from a global perspective. The Ag Department at Wright State Lake focuses on getting students ready for the “real world.”

Lisa Gehret, Kenn-Feld Group
Wright State University - Lake Campus
Agriculture Program Graduate

“The Ag program at the Lake Campus allowed me to go to school locally and still be able to work while pursuing my degree. The tours and activities allowed me to meet professionals in the industry that helped me to get started working in the field.”

Jason Reichert, TruPointe Coop & Reichert Dairy Farm
Wright State University - Lake Campus
Agriculture Program Graduate

Study Tours

Study tours are a unique and fun way to explore agriculture outside of Ohio. This allows students to experience different agriculture abroad during a week long study abroad trip. The tour will fulfill a 3 credit hour class while gaining interactive and hands-on agriculture experiences either in the United States or other countries.

Agriculture is a diverse career and it is important to develop an appreciation and understanding for all aspects of the industry. Many areas of the world and in the United States still rely on manual labor to harvest their crop or even as a method of survival. The Agriculture Study Abroad tours help to develop a greater appreciation for the mechanization and technology that many farmers in Ohio and Indiana have at their disposal.

The Study Tours have taken students to the following places:

  • Jamaica
  • Costa Rica
  • Puerto Rico
  • California
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana

What others have said about the Agriculture Study Tours:

Lisa Gehret (Maria Stein) stated, “It opened up the way I look at agriculture both there (Costa Rica) and here in the US. It was fascinating to see that their agriculture system is very labor intensive and many farmers rely on no tractors and implements, but their own strength and hoe or shovel to maintain their crops.”

Mitch Sudhoff (Coldwater), “Our trip to Texas was very exciting in that we explored a different production practice. We were able to see a different production practice. We were able to see a different culture and climate and were able to meet some very interesting and generous people along the way.”

Kassie Pease (Celina), “Having the opportunity to travel to other areas enabled me to gain experience in a practical sense. I can apply what I learned to my education as well as my future employment. A hands-on experience is always a better way to learn.”

The Wright Farmer

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