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Bachelor of Arts in Crime and Justice Studies

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Why Choose Crime and Justice Studies?

This interdisciplinary program prepares you for a career at all levels of criminal justice—federal, state, and local. You will study the criminal justice system and how it functions, theories of criminal behavior, criminal law, administration and policies of law enforcement, and how the court system functions. This program includes core courses in political science and sociology, along with a broad liberal arts education that enables a lifelong ability to learn and understand the complexities of groups and organizations.

The crime and justice studies program offers several options. You can add the law enforcement academy to your program, which will certify you to work in any law enforcement agency in Ohio. Many students complete the academy their fourth year before they graduate the crime and justice studies program. You can also add a forensics minor to enhance your degree as well. The most comprehensive option includes adding the minor in forensics, as well as law enforcement academy certification, so you can work in nearly any law enforcement or social service agency in the country.


This program prepares you for a career in criminal justice, public safety, and security-related employment. Graduates go on to work in private security, law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, forensics, military service, as well as agencies like the FBI, the Veterans Affairs administration, and more. There are more than 70 federal agencies that have some form of law enforcement aspect and nearly all require bachelor's degrees. This degree also provides a solid foundation for further professional training and education in law, social work, and professional psychology

View the crime and justice studies program profile for sample occupations, average salary, and employment projections. 

Real-World Experience

We arm our students with the knowledge and experiences they need to transition from student to professional. You will gain hands-on experience through a variety of community-based programs, service-learning opportunities, internships, and research projects. All the instructors and adjuncts teaching are current or retired members of law enforcement, including professionals in the field of corrections, prosecuting attorneys, and jail administration. You will also participate in the practice of criminal justice through an internship in law enforcement, pre-law, or social service agencies.

Academics and Curriculum

View Bachelor of Arts in Crime and Justice Studies program information, degree requirements, and graduation planning strategy in the Academic Catalog.


Review the admission requirements and complete the admission application. Identify whether you will be majoring in crime and justice studies.

If you are a current student and wish to change majors, go to the WINGS Express major/minor change request form and change your major.  If you are an undecided/exploratory student, talk to your advisor about majoring in crime and justice studies.

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Christine Blain
Academic Advisor


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