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Elementary Education

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Why Choose the Elementary Education P-5 program?

The Elementary Education P-5 program leads to the Bachelor of Science in Education degree with licensure. The degree program is designed so that students complete general education and  content courses as freshman and sophomores and begin the Elementary Education program in the spring of their junior year as members of a cohort group. The cohort portion of the program consists of two semesters of integrated coursework and field experiences and one semester of student teaching. Recommendation for licensure requires successful completion of the program and passing scores on required licensure examinations.

Upon successful completion of the licensure portion of the program and passing the appropriate licensure exams, candidates are eligible for an Ohio resident educator license Primary Education P-5. Please consult with an advisor for current licensure test information.

Specific courses have been included to ensure that candidates develop theoretical and practical knowledge in humanities, mathematics and technology, social sciences, biological and physical sciences, the arts and personal health and fitness. Included also are the courses that incorporate multi-cultural and global perspectives in the general education requirements.

Persons pursuing a teacher licensure program are required to complete the Ohio Department of Education prescribed exams for their intended area of licensure. 

Contact Information:

Betsy Crites

Admission Requirements 

  • Cumulative minimum GPA of 2.8
  • Program application form
  • Passing scores in each of the following areas:

    • One of the following Reading scores:

      • ACT Reading Score of 22 or better
      • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score of 543 or better
      • ETS Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators  Reading Score of 168 or better

    • One of the following Writing scores:

      • ACT Writing score of 6 or better
      • SAT Writing Dimension Score of 5 or better
      • ETS Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Writing score of 165 or better

    • One of the following Math Scores:

      • ACT Math score of 22 or better
      • SAT Math Score of 533 or better
      • ETS Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Math score of 162 or better

  • A grade of 'P' in ED 2650

**Due to accreditation requirement changes, admissions requirements are subject to change.  Students should continue to check for updates, and work with their advisors to be informed of upcoming changes.

The EED program admits candidates once a year with the cohort beginning in Spring semesters

  • Applications due September 15th (with test scores received by November 1st)

Admission Process


Apply to the University. You will be admitted as a pre-major until you meet the criteria for acceptance into the major.


Work with your academic advisor to develop your graduation plan and determine when to apply for admission. 

Complete the program application.

If your reading, writing, or math ACT/SAT scores do not meet the minimum scores listed above, complete the appropriate ETS Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators test. 

Academic Advising

For questions about the program of study, transfer credit, admission into the program and academic advising please contact Student Services at 419-586-0300.