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Crime and Justice Studies

Learn about the Crime and Justice Major and Law Enforcement Options!

This interdisciplinary program includes core courses in political science and sociology. The curriculum in the program provides students with knowledge of the criminal justice system and how it functions. In addition, students learn theories of criminal behavior as well as administration and policies of law enforcement, criminal law, and the functioning of the court system. Overall, the program provides a broad-based liberal arts education, which enable students a facility for life-long learning and to understand the complexities of groups and organizations.

Students participate in the practice of criminal justice through an internship in law enforcement, pre-law, or social service agencies.

The BA Degree in Crime and Justice Studies prepares students for entry-level employment in criminal-justice, public safety and security related employment. Private security, law enforcement and corrections is one area of eligibility. In addition probation, parole, and military service are additional options. The degree provides a base for furthering one's professional training in law, social work and professional psychology.

Forensics Camp is available to high school students interested in pursing a career in the criminal justice field. 

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Christine Blain
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