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Psychology Degree

The B.A. and an A.A. in Psychology are available at the Lake Campus!

Students pursuing a B.A. in Psychology will learn about diverse topics in psychology and develop valuable skills including: applying psychological theory, communicating effectively, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting statistical information. There are currently over 80 different areas in psychology, each with diverse and exciting opportunities. Students can consider applying their B.A. in Psychology to the arts, business management, conflict mediation, consulting, counseling/therapy, criminal justice, education, engineering, human resouces, government, marketing, the military, public service, rehabilitation, sales, social policy, sports, and many others.

The A.A. degree is an excellent first step to prepare for many careers, including administration, advertising, community relations, human resources, human services, marketing research, public relations, retail sales, and education. The A.A. degree in Psychology provides a wide range of content areas, including Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Human Development, Human Sexuality, and Social Psychology. Classes cover not only the theories within these areas, but also how these theories were developed and tested. The application of theory to real-world situations is emphasized throughout all psychology courses.

Degree Requirements & Courses

Contact Information

Dave Hochstein
Associate Professor
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