College Credit Plus Benefits and Risks

College Credit Plus (CCP) has benefits:

  • It allows students to earn high school and transcripted college credits simultaneously.
  • Students can complete general education college requirements prior to high school graduation. These are transferable according to the Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) and Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) guidelines.
  • A CCP student’s college career begins and ends sooner.
  • The time to complete a college degree is shortened.
  • The program reduces the overall cost of post-secondary education for participating students.
  • CCP introduces the rigor and expectations of college work, helps students achieve college readiness, and makes the transition to college from high school easier.

But it also has risks:

  • Although TAG/OTM courses are guaranteed transfer to Ohio Public Institutions of Higher Education with a grade of D or better, how they transfer may differ depending on the major. Students are advised to first take the general education courses that should transfer anywhere.
  • College transfer credits earned through CCP are generally accepted by most major institutions, but may not transfer to private or out-of-state institutions.
  • Students should be aware that grades received through CCP will become part of their high school transcript and college transcripts, affecting their respective grade point averages (GPAs). A permanent college transcript is initiated with your CCP participation and your grades follow you for life. Low grades may negatively impact potential college admissions and future financial aid opportunities.
  • Students who withdraw from or do not pass a course may be responsible to their school for the cost of the course.
  • Even though you will not be using financial aid for CCP classes, you may need or want financial aid to complete your college degree, and the decisions you make now could impact your future financial aid eligibility.
  • Financial aid eligibility requires degree completion within a set time frame, completion of most classes attempted, with an earned grade of C or better in most courses.
  • Withdrawal from a CCP course may negatively affect college financial aid eligibility in the future. Also see: Impact of Student Grades and Decisions to Withdraw.
  • If you earn less than a C average in your college classes, you may not be immediately eligible for financial aid when you enter college after high school to complete your degree.
  • Speak with your guidance counselor to learn more about your high school's CCP dismissal policies.


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