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Applicant Information

Applications for 2023-2024 are now being accepted from March 8 through March 29th. To be considered for the positions, the entire application, including references, must be submitted. Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. If you have questions, please contact Community Coordinator Tiffany Hamilton for more information.

Successful Characteristics

  • Maintains a positive attitude
  • Spends a lot of time in the housing community (availability)
  • Has flexibility
  • Demonstrates open-mindedness
  • Understands the need for teamwork
  • Exhibits leadership
  • Deals with change well
  • Is willing to learn and grow
  • Separates objectivity from emotion
  • Has self-confidence without ego
  • Committed to diversity
  • Committed to oppression reduction
  • Deals with challenging issues well
  • Communicates well
  • Problem solves creatively
  • Loves living on campus
  • Helps others without complaint
  • Likes to have fun
  • Utilizes creativity
  • Possesses patience
  • Utilizes good ethics
  • Is committed to the position and to success
  • Possesses intra-personal and inter-personal skills
  • Demonstrates maturity
  • Is compassionate
  • Can be empathetic towards others
  • Thinks about situations and problem solving
  • Self-aware
  • Has a passion for helping others
  • Makes a commitment to helping students become actively engaged on campus (student organizations, intramural sports, university clubs, etc.).
  • Manages time well

Resident Assistant 2023-2024 Job Description

At Wright State University–Lake Campus, the Resident Assistant (RA) position is an integral position within the Lake Campus Housing Department (Housing). Resident Assistants are Housing student staff members who have direct and constant, day-to-day resident interaction throughout the year. As paraprofessional staff, RAs engage in a very exciting, rewarding, and challenging experience. Those involved in the Housing program will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and enhance their communication skills while gaining a better understanding of themselves and others.


A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required at time of application. Individuals selected for the Resident Assistant position must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 through the end of the Spring Semester. Employment will not commence until the first day of the fall training period. In the event that an individual who is selected for the RA position has his or her cumulative GPA drop below the required GPA at the end of the Spring Semester, that individual will immediately have the offer of employment withdrawn. Individuals will not be allowed to begin a position while on probation. Resident assistants must be enrolled as full-time students (12 credit hours) at Wright State University–Lake Campus. Individuals should not apply for the position unless they are able to make an employment commitment for the entire academic year.

Compensation Package

Along with an invaluable and rewarding growth experience, Resident Assistants receive a $500 stipend each semester; a single assigned RA room; and compensated telecom fees. Note: Facilities for partners and/or dependents are not currently available.

Employment Requirements

  • Resident Education
    • Mediate individual, roommate, and unit conflicts.
    • Facilitate the Unit Standards Process, which includes the facilitation of and/or assistance with regular floor/unit meetings, intimate knowledge of the model, mediation, diplomacy, patience, and maturity.
    • Facilitate developmental education programming (includes both personal and academic development), in addition to Unit Standards. This includes educational workshops and social activities planned with and for residents, as well as philanthropies/community service projects.
    • Create and maintain the building and/or bulletin board decorations (educational, informative, and inviting in nature).
    • Be familiar with university and community resources and their respective offices. Refer students to campus resources.
    • Be a Leader. Assume responsibility for residential student leadership development; participate in resident leadership activities; support residential student leadership initiatives and groups.
    • Be knowledgeable about and able to educate residents about residence education issues. Education issues may include, but are not limited to, oppression reduction, diversity, community development, alcohol education, health education, career exploration, academic success, personal development, community service, and civic education.
    • Assist students in maintaining a community environment that is conducive to study.
  • Human Relations
    • Reside in your assigned RA room and maintain a high degree of availability and accessibility in your community.
    • Create an environment that strives to enhance the health, safety, and well-being of residents.
    • Provide crisis intervention and be knowledgeable about referral sources.
    • Attend, participate in, and encourage resident involvement in community activities and events.
    • Maintain regular, scheduled contact with your fellow RA Staff, the Community Coordinator, and the Director of Student Affairs.
    • Work effectively with fellow staff members in a team environment.
    • Hold fellow staff members, as well as residents, accountable for group standards of behavior.
    • Interact with and develop relationships with residents.
    • Be a source of emotional support to residents (but, also set and maintain boundaries; help residents to help themselves) and make appropriate referrals as necessary.
    • Be a role model/mentor/source of encouragement and motivation to residents.
    • Respond to residential emergency situations and provide assistance as needed.
    • Assist with university and departmental recruitment initiatives as requested.
  • Administrative and Duty
    • Serve duty as required. Duty includes, but is not limited to holding the on-call phone, participating in on-call rotation, rounds, lock-outs, roommate conflict mediation, responding to emergency medical and maintenance issues, assisting professional on-duty staff, being aware of and reporting safety and security issues, and other assigned duties. RAs are expected to remain in their communities while on duty.
    • Responsible for general facility well-being and providing assistance with maintenance issues (lock-outs, plunging toilets, wet-vacuum carpets, cleaning up basic spills and other messes, etc.).
    • Mandatory attendance and participation in all required training sessions and educational courses: fall staff training and winter renewal.
    • Assist with RA and professional staff recruitment and interview processes as needed.
    • Attend and participate in staff and supervision meetings.
    • Assist with fire/health/safety inspections.
    • Facilitate the beginning and end-of-year check-ins and check-outs and complete all related paperwork (registration cards, room condition forms, keys, etc.) by specified deadlines. Assist with mid-year check-in/out process & opening weekend welcome activities.
    • Deliver priority and non-priority resident mail and information (maintenance billing, flyers, etc.).
    • Post flyers/information and remove old information.
    • Distribute and collect assessment tools (surveys, evaluations, feedback cards, etc.).
    • Be familiar with and utilize electronic and web-based forms.
    • Check and respond to voicemail and email daily. Represent Housing to the residential community.
    • Serve three office hours in the community office per week completing tasks assigned by the professional staff.
    • Be a resident advocate. Provide feedback to housing and/or others regarding resident interests (e.g. academic success, student conduct concerns, and housing needs as it pertains to improvement of services); Serve as a liaison between residents and the department.
    • Remain on campus at end of Fall Semester up to 36 hours after the end of the term. Be available up to 48 hours after Spring Semester closing to assist with administrative tasks, check-outs, and summer check-in.
  • Policy Enforcement
    • Interpret, enforce, confront, and document violations of university and housing policy (discipline, business, and facilities policies included).
    • Document behavioral infractions and complete/submit related student conduct paperwork within 24 hours.
    • Communicate with individuals regarding inappropriate behavioral issues and community concerns.

General Understanding

The Resident Assistant position requires strong leadership; it is understood that a significant degree of availability in the residential community and a significant time commitment is required for Resident Assistants to be successful with the development of their respective communities and effective completion of their position responsibilities.  To be successful, an RA must make the position part of his or her lifestyle and have a passion for reaching out and working with fellow students on a daily basis. Individuals who apply for and accept the Resident Assistant position will be expected to utilize effective personal time and stress management techniques while successfully balancing academic studies, job responsibilities, and personal life.

Due to the time demands of the RA position, Resident Assistants who desire to take more than the normal undergraduate 16 credit hour load will need to receive advance approval from the Director of Student Affairs.  Individuals who desire to take graduate (master’s, doctorate, and medical school) classes or participate in student teaching, internships, co-ops, or nursing clinicals will need to obtain approval from the director of student affairs prior to being employed in the RA position. Individuals who hold paid positions (limited to on-campus positions) may not be employed as a RA if compensation for that position is equivalent to more than 10 hours per week as such a position is considered secondary employment.

Given the important commitment an RA has to make to his or her community, as well as time demands on the Resident Assistant position, Resident Assistants are limited to no more than 12 hours of outside commitments to the RA position, including secondary employment (maximum 10 hours), community involvement, or campus leadership activities. Employment outside the department will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Such employment requires advance approval from the immediate supervisor. While supervisors will work with staff members as they juggle a second job, it will be expected that there will be no schedule, time commitment, or job concerns resulting from secondary employment and/or student teaching, internships, nursing clinicals, or extracurricular activities. RA training is required for all staff and RAs. Pre-academic year RA training generally takes place for the entire two weeks prior to fall opening. A follow-up training weekend may also be required.

Resident assistants will be assigned to a building as determined by housing. Resident assistants will be expected to remain in good academic and judicial standing with housing and the university at all times. Upon leaving the RA position (whether by termination or resignation), the RA will not be allowed to reside in the same building in which s/he was employed. Individuals who quit or get terminated from their positions prior to the end of the employment contract may be subject to a $150 separation fee. The term of the RA contract is for one academic year only and reinstatement for the following is not automatic. Current Resident Assistants wishing to return for the following academic year may be asked to participate in an interview.

The Resident assistant position offers an attractive array of non-monetary benefits such as enhanced leadership skills, opportunities to grow and develop personally and professionally, transferable job experience, ability to communicate with a very diverse array of individuals, opportunities to challenge yourself and try new ideas in a supportive and non- threatening community, lifelong friendships that form as a result of the job, in-depth in-service and skills training, and opportunities to attend student leadership conferences, as well as have a lot of fun. However, the job is not for everyone. It is important that candidates, prior to applying for the position, reflect upon their own capabilities and motivations for applying.


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