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Spring Registration

Registration for Fall Semester is happening now! To see important dates for each semester, view the Academic Calendar.

On this page:

How to Register

1. Make sure you complete the application. Apply right now! You must be admitted before registering for classes.

2. Know when you can register for the upcoming semester - How to verify your registration date if you are a current student:

  • Log in to WINGS Express.
  • Select the Student & Financial Aid tab.
  • Select Registration & Records.
  • Select Registration Status.

When your registration date arrives, go to WINGS Express to register for classes. An academic advisor can assist students with registration, or if you have an ALT-PIN.

3.You can add or drop a class online through WINGS Express. If a class is not officially dropped, a grade will be recorded for the class and you will be charged for the class. You cannot add a class simply by attending it, nor can you drop a class by not attending. You must use the Registration Activity Form (PDF) after certain dates to add or drop classes. Please check the academic calendar for official add and drop dates and refund periods. Classes can be dropped or added in person at the Office of Enrollment Services as long as the dates coincide with the academic calendar.

Find Your Primary Advisor

  • Log in to WINGS Express.
  • Select Registration and Records.
  • Click View Student Information. The name of your advisor will be listed under Student Information.

Class Schedule

Wright State University's class schedule allows you to search the current course offerings. Once you access the schedule, you will need to select the following items to perform a successful search:

  1. Term
  2. Subject
  3. Campus

In addition to the above areas, you can also limit your search to only pull specific class information including:

  • Online Classes
  • Course Level
  • Time of Day

Current students will want to make sure that they are logged into their WINGS Express account so that they can add or drop courses if necessary.  

Important Links

Alternative PIN

An alternative PIN prohibits you from registering for classes prior to meeting with an academic advisor. You can check if they have an ALT-PIN on their account, which can only be removed by advisors or permitted faculty.  

To check your ALT-PIN status:

  1. Log into WINGS Express.
  2. Select Student & Financial Aid.
  3. Select Registration & Records.
  4. Select Add/Drop Classes.
  5. Select the Registration Term.

If you have an ALT-PIN, the window will indicate you need to talk with an advisor. If not, you will be directed to the add/drop screen or read that you may not be eligible to register yet, depending on your registration date.

Find Your Primary Advisor

  • Log in to WINGS Express.
  • Select Registration and Records.
  • Click View Student Information. The name of your advisor will be listed under Student Information.

Interested in taking summer classes or just a few classes?

If you are a student at another college/university but want to take summer courses at Wright State University–Lake Campus, we recommend becoming a non-degree student.

Non-degree students are eligible to take any open course at Wright State University as long as they meet the pre-requisites for that class. Some non-degree students may be required to provide an unofficial transcript with the application to ensure that you have met the pre-requisites for a particular course. Those interested in pursuing this option should fill out an application. Once your application is complete, you will be able to register for courses. You can view the course schedule here

If required, you can mail documents to:

Lake Campus Enrollment Services
7600 Lake Campus Drive 
Celina, Ohio 45822

It is important to note that non-degree students are ineligible to use financial aid to cover the cost of their courses. Non-degree students must be able to cover the cost of their courses out-of-pocket. However, Wright State University does offer payment plan options that can help alleviate the stress of a one-time out-of-pocket payment.  

Questions about the non-degree process should be directed to or 419-586-0232.  

Graduate school information.

Additional information on these and other registrar services and policies can be found at RaiderConnect’s Classes and Grades section.


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