Lake Campus Advocate

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence/Relationship Violence Advocacy

Local 24/7 Sexual Violence
Helpline 419-586-1133

Lake Campus Advocate
Jodi Brummette
YWCA of Van Wert County

Office Hours
Fridays, 9 am-3 pm or by appointment
187 Andrews Hall

To schedule an appointment:
CALL/TEXT: 419-203-5312
All calls are confidential

What does the Lake Campus Advocate do?

  • Provide reporting options both on and off campus
  • Assist students throughout the legal process
  • Accompany a survivor during an investigative interview
  • Offer coping skills
  • Connect to Community resources
  • Help create a safety plan
  • Offer continued emotional support

What can I do if I have been sexually assaulted?

All services are confidential!

What is consent?