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Students can access account activity, billing statements, recent payments, as well as make payments and more through WINGS Express via WINGS. Also, students can give parents and others access to student account servicesincluding online paymentby establishing an "Authorized User" through WINGS Express Student Fees link. Log in to WINGS, click on the WINGS Express icon toward the top of the page and select "Student and Financial Aid" and then "Student Fees."

All student payments, regardless of method, must be made by the payment deadline. Students with unpaid past term balances after the term begins will be subject to the cancelation of their registrations.

Online Payment Instructions

The preferred method for payment on student accounts is online through WINGS Express via WINGS. Once in WINGS, click on the WINGS Express icon toward the top of the page. At the main menu for WINGS Express, click on “Student and Financial Aid” and then “Student Fees”. When using the online method, payment options include:

  1. E-check
    An ACH debit entry from Wright State University will be processed on your checking/savings account.
  1. Debit Card
    Funds are deducted from your checking/savings account provided the transaction limit set by your bank is high enough to accommodate the student account payment. Check with your financial institution to verify the daily debit limit and whether online debit cards are permitted transactions.
  1. Credit Card
    Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted online only for tuition payments.

Please Note: A 2.85% convenience fee is assessed to all credit card payments.

By Mail/In Person

Fees paid by mail must include a hard copy of the electronic billing statement (found on WINGS Express via WINGS) along with the payment. Please include the student University ID# with the payment. Payment options available to those using the by mail option include: check or money order (made payable to Wright State University), and third party sponsors.

Mailed payments should be addressed to:

Office of the Bursar
Wright State University
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, Ohio 45435-0001

In-person payments can be made using the secure fee payment drop box located on the second floor of University Hall, in the hallway near room 280. All payments will be processed within three business days, and receipt of the payment will be available on the student account in WINGS Express.

Lake Campus students can pay in person at the Student Services Office in Dwyer Hall.

International Student Payments

Wright State University has partnered with Western Union and Flywire to offer innovative and streamlined services to make international tuition payments. With Western Union or Flywire, you can pay from any country and any bank. You are also offered excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save a significant amount of money, as compared to traditional banks. In addition, the posting of the payment into your Wright State University account will be faster, you will be able to track where your payment is in the transfer process via a student dashboard, and you will be notified via email when it is deposited into our account. You should initiate payment several days in advance of the fee payment due date to ensure your payment is received on or before the due date.


Pay with Flywire

Tutorial on how to facilitate a payment

How to Make a Payment

  • Go to the Wright State University Flywire payment options page (link above) and enter the exact payment amount you owe and the country you will pay from. Select the payment method/currency you would like to use.
  • Create an account or log in to your existing Flywire account, following the prompts to enter your personal details and payment information.
  • Review and confirm your information.
  • Receive your payment instructions.
  • Send payment to the Flywire account listed. Track your payment through email alerts or by logging into your Flywire account. The payment status bar will be updated throughout each step of the process.

Need Help?

Flywire offers customer support via telephone, email, online and through live chat available 24/7 no matter your time zone. Simply click the Help button within your Flywire account to access the customer service information.

Western Union

Pay with Western Union

Video Instructions for Western Union’s Payment Service

How to Make a Payment

  • Go to the Western Union GlobalPay for Students payment option page (link above).
  • Enter country from which payment will be sent and provide required Student Information (WSU UID number, student's first and last name, email address, etc.).  Select Next.
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay in US dollars.  Select the currency you would like to pay in from the drop-down list. Select Next.
  • On the left, you now see the amount you will be paying in the currency selected.
  • Complete Payer and Bank Details.  Select Next.
  • Review and submit.
  • Obtain your payment instructions. For most countries, wire transfer from your bank will be the designated method of payment.
  • Initiate payment to the Western Union bank account indicated.

Payment Plan Options

Looking for an affordable way to pay for your educational costs? You can spread out the cost of your education by using a payment plan.

Option 1: Enroll in the 4-payment plan for $25 application fee

Student registration can be maintained with a 5% down payment plus the application fee (after financial aid) if enrolled in the Payment Plan by the due date below. The remaining balance is divided into equal monthly installments. Sign up is easy! Go online and pay the down payment through WINGS/WINGS Express. This plan is available for charges due and payable within the current term.

Option 2: Enroll in the 4-payment plan with Prior Term Balance for $50 application fee

The 4-Pay Plan with Prior Term Balance option should only be selected if you have a prior term balance of up to $999.99 and want to pay this amount along with current term charges over four installment payments. This plan requires paying 5% of the total charges owed (current term plus prior term balance) plus the application fee at the time of enrollment. The remaining balance is divided into equal monthly installments. Sign up is easy! Go online and pay the down payment through WINGS/WINGS Express.

4-Payment Plan for Fall
Enrollment DatesAugust 1–September 14
Down Payment5%
Enrollment DatesSeptember 15–30
Down Payment37%
Application Fee$25/$50*


4-Payment Plan for Spring
Enrollment DatesDecember 1–January 14
Down Payment5%
Enrollment DatesJanuary 15–31
Down Payment37%
Application Fee$25/$50*


4-Payment Plan for Summer
Enrollment DatesApril 1–May 14
Down Payment5%
Enrollment DatesMay 15–31
Down Payment37%
Application Fee$25/$50

*Application fee is dependent on the plan selection.

Payment Plan Details

  • Enroll online with a down payment  (after financial aid)
  • All current term charges are eligible under the 4- Pay Plan with an enrollment fee of $25
  • All current term charges are eligible under the 4-Pay Plan with Prior Term Balance with an enrollment fee of $50
  • No interest added to the balance
  • Balance after a down payment is equally divided for remaining payments
  • Subsequent payments due on the 15th of each month

*A $50 late payment fee is assessed for each late installment

Enroll by Mail

Students can also enroll in one of these plans by completing one of the below forms and mailing it with the initial payment and application fee to the Office of the Bursar. Students who are current with their student account fees are eligible to enroll in the 4-Pay Plan. Students with a prior term balance of up to $999.99 are eligible to enroll in the 4-Pay Plan with Prior Term Balance.  The plan would include current and prior term balances.  All students interested in either option should pay close attention to the due dates listed on the payment plan promissory note.

Penalties for late payments include, but are not limited to, late fees for each payment and/or a "hold" being placed on your student account which will prevent registration changes and transcript availability. Ask RaiderConnect to find out more about the payment plan's terms and conditions.

Sponsored Student Payments

The billing is processed on a per term basis. A letter or contract must be presented to the University outlining the sponsor’s guarantee to pay. This authorization must not be contingent upon the student receiving a specific grade or upon a financial need status.

It is the policy of the University to protect our student’s right to confidentiality under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Sponsors must obtain information regarding grades, transcripts, course listings or other specific information directly from the student unless there is a student authorization to release grades and other information on file.

Sponsored Students

Sponsored students are students that require Wright State University to bill an outside sponsor for their tuition and fees while they attend the University. Fees can include technology fees, course fees, room/meal plan charges, student legal services fee, and/or health insurance.  A letter of authorization is required from the sponsoring agency expressly authorizing Wright State University to bill the sponsor directly for the student's expenses. A third party credit is applied to the student account each term for the covered expenses, which is conditional upon the sponsor's payment.

Sponsored Student's Responsibilities

  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the University is provided with a valid authorization letter (contract) from their sponsor before the appropriate due date to avoid cancellation of registration and/or late fees.
  • A sponsored student must monitor their student account status regularly. If the sponsor does not cover the total charges, it is the student’s responsibility to pay the balance owed.
  • Non-payment by the sponsor immediately becomes the responsibility of the student.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to know the duration of the sponsorship as listed in the authorization letter. The University will not notify a student when the sponsorship has expired.
  • Additional information required by the sponsor, including grades, transcripts, course(s) and other miscellaneous information, must be supplied by the student.
  • If questions arise concerning conditions of the sponsorship the student should contact the sponsor.
  • Students may submit agency/third party authorization forms through the refund period of the following term, however; your fees must be paid from other resources by the fee payment deadline.

Sponsor's Responsibilities

Provide a letter or contract to Wright State University prior to the term fee payment deadline with the following information:

  • Student’s name and University ID number
  • Description of covered charges, which may include tuition, technology fee, course fees, room/meal plan charges, student legal services fee, and/or health insurance fees
  • Any dollar limitations on the covered charges

Parents/Authorized User


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